Broken Shelves

Broken ShelvesAs stressful some weeks as squeezing in two social knitting events was, now that I’m not meeting anyone, at all, ever, for anything, I’ve been feeling rather unsocialized – working at home does have a few drawbacks, and lack of human interaction is one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I adore That Poor Man. But a chatterbox he is not, and I miss my girlfriends.

So with Wild Iris still closed for moving (I KNOW, I don’t want to talk about it), Sharon and I decided to check out Broken Shelves the other night. They are a new place that’s opened up in early April, and the official name is “Broken Shelves Books & Art.” Used books, art, cozy space. The website is pretty basic, listing location, but if you’re on Facebook they have a pretty active page here.

In addition to seating for about… hmm, between comfy chairs and tall seating, they have seating for maybe twelve or thirteen, they also have a small bar (!!!) where they have a nice selections of beers, but most importantly, have a cider on the menu. I like cider a lot more than I like beer. And I like being surrounded by books, especially old books, so to be on a comfy couch, with my knitting, and a cider, next to a shelf that says something like “please handle these old books carefully”… well, I was at home.

Having said that, I don’t know that it’ll become a replacement place for Thursday Night Knitting, should Wild Iris continue to be delayed. The only reason I say that is because even though it definitely would seat everyone in our group, it would take up the entire store to be able to do that – especially on spinning night, where a couple of tables might even have to be moved. And I’d hate to descend on a brand-new business and ask them to keep that kind of space open for us every week. But I would definitely go back there again, to hang, with one or two girlfriends. You know. If any of my beer-drinking book-loving knitters were available  Just sayin’.

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  1. I think we are going to check this place out about mid to late May. It certainly sounds fantastic from the facebook page and articles I have read in addition to this blog post.

  2. I was afraid you were going to say your shelves were broken which I don’t see how they could be as sturdy as they are. This is much better than that.

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