And she can learn Latin while she’s napping!

A couple of weeks ago, I was making a HaldeCraft delivery to a casual friend, who works at a place called Cord-a-Roy’s. Many many moons ago, when Old Dog was a puppy, I got her a Cord-a-Roy bed. So many years ago that they don’t make them in that size any more (for dogs). Yet, all it ever needs is a cover wash a few times a year and it’s like brand new. That thing is tough as nails.

We’ve been thinking that Corwin needs a bed for the living room. We’d put a throw rug on the floor for Bridgett, so that she could more easily get up and down without sliding all over the place. Now that we don’t need it there, though, we washed it and stored it away – it does take up a lot of room. And while I do love Bridgett, she was a stinky thing, and one of the cats had a tendency to pee wherever Bridgett would sleep for a long time… hence us having to get and then get rid of two different (cheap) dog beds in the living room.

It just so happened that I’d recently found out Ashley worked at Cord-a-Roy’s, and I’d told her about Bridgett’s bed – so when I dropped off her ceramics, she was all (not knowing I was in the market for a new bed), “let me show you what we make for dogs now!” since we had talked about how they don’t make the gargantuan one any more.

Needless to say I came home with one —

A Girl on her New Bed

You can see the Old Bed in the background, that giant blue one. I plan to keep it (I should wash the cover soon) because it’s held up remarkably well for the last 12 years, or whenever I got it (soon after I got Bridgett). So we put the new, smaller, Latin one in the living room….

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… where Brindle (AKA “Bitchface”) was very happy to receive her new cat bed, but wasn’t too thrilled about sharing it with the dog.

It’s taken Dog a few weeks to figure it out, to grok that it’s hers and not the cats, and just in the last few days she’s finally started to spend more time napping on it after dinner than trying to lay at my feet when we’re on the couch. (Did I mention she’s been a little more magnetic since Bridgett?) Plus, maybe through osmosis she can learn Latin in her sleep!

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