Self-portrait, with coffee

Good day, Sunshine

I got a shit-ton of work done last week, but most of it was the kind of work that kept me away from the computer; I got an insane amount of yarn dyed and wound (have I mentioned how much I love this electric skein-winder?) but it did keep me away from blogging. Another thing that kept me away from blogging is that I’ve been trying to answer work questions for only about the first two hours of the day. I thought being on the computer from about 7-9 AM would be good enough, that those two hours would give me enough time for blogging, catching up on blog reading, and both answering work email and doing a little bit of work-social-media. That I could do all that while I’m drinking my 2.5 cups of coffee, and after that I would start my day. And the result of my experiment in that is HAHAHAHAHAH right. In those two hours I can answer work email and get about half the work-social-media done that I want. So. Back to the drawing board.

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