When you… I feel… because

When you send me a message that has glaring spelling errors, no punctuation, and little – if any – capitalization, I feel like I’m supposed to frustratingly give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you’re pecking that message out on your phone, not that you’re functionally illiterate, because apparently that’s how our culture works now, even for professional discussions. (Edited to add: Catherine, I do not mean you! LOL!)

When you ask me for a wholesale order I feel a sinking sensation because while I do have a file saved with all that information so all I have to do is copy and paste, nobody ever answers me after I do.

When you don’t reply to my answer about your wholesale inquiry I feel justified for having that sinking feeling when you first emailed me, because I knew you weren’t going to answer, I just knew it.

When you ask me for a large order and a discount at the same time I feel sad, because while on one hand I understand wanting (or even needing) to be cut a break, on the other hand I feel that I am being asked to do even more work for even less money.

When you ask me a complicated question I feel another sinking sensation because I know I’ll spend upwards of 15 minutes answering your question, including links, color choices, previous sold items, color charts, and time frames, and I’ll never hear back from you.

When you don’t reply to my detailed answer to your complicated question I feel as if I’m going to find it hard to be nice to the next person who asks me a complicated question, because does anyone really listen?

When you try to get to the head of a line of custom orders by waving money at me, I feel glad that this is my business and I can run it how I see fit, because I believe that already being in line trumps an over-inflated sense of self-importance every time.

When you send me a message full of panic about placing a custom order and getting it there by a major gift-giving holiday and you have clearly not seen my notice that I will be on vacation, I feel guilty about telling you “no” because I am a people-pleaser…. a people-pleaser who is trying to get better about realistic time frames.


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  1. Never feel sad or guilty when dealing with such idiots. If they are so stupid that they can’t read the information on your site, they don’t deserve further consideration. You have plenty of good customers to focus your attentions on. Let the others go.

  2. I was reading along, and my cheeks were getting pink in that no capitalization bit…when…BAM! I was offered a pass! Yay! Thanks. I must say when I do type in all lower case I feel guilty, but I feel even worse if I don’t email back for ages because of random things like being covered in spit up or something with no warning. Thanks for being patient with my run on sentences and lazy (but quicker) lack of proper capitalization notes and such.

    Also, people that do not value you and your practices and your time can take it up with your hordes (yes you have hordes)of fans and friends that will gladly give them a throttle!

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