What will happen to spinning?

Spinny spin spin!

A lot of you know that the lovely ladies at Wild Iris Books have been letting us spin there on the Third Thursday of the month (next meeting, December 20th!). But if you follow me on Facebook (I forget if I’ve brought it up here), you also know that they’ve been having some problems but the community has pulled through for them, and they’ll be moving at the end of December. While the new location is going to be much smaller, they have pledged to continue to make room for us!

What this means is that we won’t be able to meet during the month of January, but the minute that they reopen in the new location, I will put a schedule together for Third Thursday Spinning, and we will be off and running! Er, off and spinning!

(Cross posted both on my work blog and the HaldeCraft Ravelry group).

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