These are a few of my favorite thingsTiny Kitten has decided there’s something she likes more than chewing yarn (but not more than chewing plastic)… snuggles! The funny thing is, though, that you can’t make her snuggle. She’s got to come to you on your own terms, usually when you’re a few minutes away from standing up for some reason, and then she settles right in and makes with the purring. When she is in the mood to snuggle she doesn’t even care if there is yarn near – she’d rather snuggle, please and thank you.

Speaking of pajama bottoms, which we weren’t speaking of but are in the picture so I’m using that as a bridge, I found THE BEST cloth for a new pair of pajama bottoms. I won’t tell you which one until it gets here, but it’s from the Alexander Henry collection and I can’t.stop.giggling!

OK; Old Dog wants her drug-and-cat-food breakfast, and she’s standing right next to me breathing hot dog breath on my elbow. Gotta go.

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  1. Tiny kitten sounds similar to one of my dogs, who likes to haul all 30-something pounds of himself into my lap when I’m watching TV or on my belly the moment my eyes open on Saturday morning. The best part? He makes an it’s-so-much-effort grunting sound when he does it.

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