Wednesday June 20th

Scenes from a work dayHow awesome is this 16″ bar of chocolate? Hahahahaha – I wish. That would keep me content for a week or two. I think it’s the sepia tone in the photo that makes it look like chocolate; it’s actually a dark gray when still damp (like it was when I took this photo).

A month or so ago I was looking around on eBay for new/used molds (like ya do) and I was looking through my favorite seller’s list of molds when I saw three that struck me. This one, one exactly like it but with pinecones instead of acorns, and one (previously seen here) of a coffee grinder. The seller also had some in the same vein as the acorn and pinecone; one with squash, one with corn… and kind of a weird set with giant vegetables and a fork and spoon. Sonya, you know I’m linking to them just so you can see them. I thought about getting them all but you’re the only one I can think of that might like something like that, so I went with the more marketable acorn and pine cone instead. :p


Busy day ahead. I have a million things to do, and a time frame for needing to be somewhere tonight… so as I’m typing this I’m also running a to-do list triage in my head. Tim is coming back from Atlanta today, and I’d like to at least sweep the floor before he gets back. Although when he went to South Bend a few weeks ago, I cleaned the entire house while he was gone, including mopping the floors and scrubbing down the tub, and he didn’t even notice. So chances are he won’t notice if I don’t sweep the floor. OH WAS THAT OUT LOUD? (love you, honey!)

It is really hard to think about everything I need to do today when Tiny Kitten has just curled up in my lap and commenced purring.

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  1. Purring lap kittens are the universe’s way of saying, “Eh, it can wait …” (or in your case, simply skipped entirely)

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