Tuesday, January 31st

How to spend an afternoonYesterday I glazed a lot of ceramics, ran some errands, exercised my right to vote, and hung out with friends in the hardest working cafe in Gainesville.

I got enough glazed yesterday that I could almost even fire the kiln this afternoon when I get back from Melrose, if I wanted to. Part of that may be that I’ve re-glazed all three exploded plates and want to refire them, each alone on a shelf with nothing else (I don’t think that will fix the problem, I think the glaze is just going to explode off again, but I’d always wonder if I didn’t try). So I can’t fit too much more in there. I don’t know if I’d get enough glazed today and tomorrow to fire again on Friday (my usual firing day)… but I could give it ye old college try. I certainly have enough things I could glaze.

I also voted yesterday, and my polling place always makes me feel so lonely. It’s an old veteran’s lodge, and I don’t think any of the volunteers are under 65, and there’s never anyone in there when I go. Yesterday I went at about 2 in the afternoon and as I was walking in there was one vaguely homeless looking guy voting, and as I was leaving a woman drove up with her toddler daughter. Granted, I was only voting for City Commission, so there were only two boxes to fill in… so that took like, two seconds. But still. I think the only time I’ve ever seen it crowded was one presidential election year (not the last one… and not the one before that… but the one before that!) when I got there right before they opened. I had to stand in line for a whole six minutes until they opened, and then the line went right through. Also if I remember correctly, I was the only woman in line that time. Sigh.

Then, meeting friends for knitting and a beer and laughter, and then home to make dinner (I forgot to buy beef for the stroganoff, but remembered the extra mushrooms this time, so… it was still delicious).

Today? Off to Melrose in a bit for a soap inventory and to hear family friend Brandy play. That’s probably what tomorrow’s photo will be about!

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