Going to the faire! To the Medieval Faire! It’s all right THERE!

Get in mah bellehIf you’re an old-school Gainesvillian, you are now cursing me. Hee hee hee. You should see the look on Tim’s face when I bust that tune out… it’s total revenge for every time he makes that damn phone noise.

Here’s my lunch from the Faire; “ye old fruit and cheese plate” coupled with an orange and cream soda blend. Mmmmm.

As you can tell from the above, we went to the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire yesterday, and I promise to have pictures up before the end of February. Heck, I don’t even think I’ve blogged about New Year’s Eve yet, so maybe … er… March. ANYWAY. We went with Laura and Gerry, who in spite of their long-lived status as Gainesvillians-with-roots-here, had never been. We were there for hours and hours, and still didn’t do everything. We saw jousting, and the Birds of Prey, and the Chess Game, and a lot of vendors and of course some axe-throwing, and Jenn harping (actually, we missed her harping, but saw her… what the fuck was that? It looked like an oboe and a digideroo had a baby!) and let me not forget the Maypole…. but there were still a lot of the smaller shows that we missed, like fire juggling. Of course, we also see that on New Year’s Eve, heh.

We also ran into Bill and Jennifer (always nice to see them) and while we were eating lunch, we witnessed the King and Queen interact with some of the peasants – er, I mean, common folk, er, I mean, the people in front of us. It was really cute; he dubbed the boy as a knightly emissary, and the two girls as Honorary Princesses, and the one girl who was about nine or so…? I could see it in her eyes that she was going to remember this day FOREVER.

I got up early today to take care of processing weekly orders and then had a full day ahead of me which is why I’m just now getting to blogging about Sunday; if I were smart I’d throw some stuff in here about today, too, but I’m getting tired and am ready to change into PJs and hit the couch for some serious knitting (and dinner… Tim is making pork chops and homemade mac&cheese… at least, if I lay off the Fair Song, that is).


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  1. HAHAHA :
    “… what the fuck was that?” — that’s what everyone says when they hear me play that crazy thing. It’s called a shawm — pretty unhousebroken, as instruments go.

    And speaking of an oboe and a digideroo and a Maypole…. I’d like to have the baby of the acrobat guy I saw playing a digeridoo while riding on a really tall unicycle. Maybe he’ll come sit on gramma’s lap! 😀

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