Thankful for…

In no particular order, here are some of the many things I am thankful for.

My family of origin, both here and not here any more, for all the things they taught me both overtly and unconsciously. I am who I am because of you.

My family of choice, for the patient and hardworking do-right man they raised and happily gave to me, for the sisters and brothers I didn’t have growing up but have now, for the multitude of cousins and nieces and nephews, for the way they’ve opened their hearts to me.

My friends who have become family, for the way they support and champion me, for the way they come when I need them most, for the love and laughter and heartache we’ve helped each other through.

My friends who may not be as close as family, but I still care for and am charmed by with your humor and strength and quirks and stories.

My pets, who keep my feet warm at night and keep me exercising during the day by letting them in and out and in and out and in and out and in.

That there is a roof over my head, and it doesn’t even leak. Also that I have a car that gets relatively good gas mileage, and a mechanic who is both a magician and reasonably priced.

That I have the opportunity, skills, business sense, creativity, and flat out balls to do what I want for a living, and that some days it even seems like it’s working.

For music, of both the bluegrass and folk varieties in particular, but also the hard rock Irish drinking groups that I love so much. Both types bring joy to my heart.

For literature, which opens doors in my mind and lifts me above the utter shit that I see in the news.

That other than the occasional migraine, my health is good enough that I haven’t even had bronchitis for a couple of years. And that I know what I’m allergic to, and only get zapped by things that have allergens hidden in them.

I am thankful that I have friends I can go have lunch with at the drop of a hat; that I have a lifestyle that allows me to meet friends at the drop of a hat; and that I live in a town with enough locally owned restaurants that serve food I’m not allergic to that there is a wide variety of drop-of-a-hat lunchtime meeting places (even though I am obsessed with The Big Apple salad at Wine and Cheese, the fried veggie spring rolls at Chopstix, and the cream cheese and pistachio sushi at Bahn Thai).

I am thankful for my hearing, which allows me to hear Old Dog snoring as she naps across the room, and the purring kitten in my lap.

I am thankful you read this whole thing, and that you might not even laugh at me too hard if I remember something after I hit “post” and edit this to include something else later.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! Eat some turkey for me, since I’m allergic and can’t have any. Me? Imma gonna put a hurtin’ on the lamb chops Tim is planning on making for dinner. Soon, I hope. I got hungry after writing that locally owned restaurant paragraph.

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