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  1. I manage RSVP’s pretty well, thank you’s are abysmal. I try to remember, really I do, but then I turn around and it’s been two months and I feel like even more of a turd so I don’t write it still… and so on and so on.

  2. I even RSVP when it says ‘regrets only’, just to make sure they know how excited I am about the invitation. I try to send thank you’s as soon as possible after receiving a gift. It’s easier if you don’t get a lot of invitations or gifts.

  3. I always respond promptly to an invitation, and now that email is so acceptable a Thank You is really a no-brainer. Notes are harder, but a thank you email can go out right after the gift or party, while you are still excited about it. And if I took pictures at the party I send a few right away.

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