Disney Boardwalk Villas (and Boardwalk in general)

So, when I called the Disney hotline to make reservations at The Dolphin (we’d stayed there before, it was nice, and it meets our requirement of being stumbling — er, walking distance — from Epcot…) the amazing operator on the phone got us a better rate at Boardwalk Villas (being a Florida Resident has its perks!). If you’re in a Reader, you won’t see the following album —

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It was nice without being intimidating, and I wouldn’t mind staying there again. We were on the ground floor, and while when possible I do like a room higher up, because I like to look out over things — but it was nice to not have to wait for an elevator. If I had one complaint about the hotel, it would be that the room doors are very heavy. I know that’s a weird thing to complain about, especially when they’re heavy for safety/fire reasons! But because they were so heavy, they swing shut and slam loudly. So whenever someone would “come home” in our hallway, their door would slam shut and wake me up. I am a light sleeper, though, so that might not bother everyone. The room itself was spacious, almost with more than we needed — a fridge, microwave, toaster oven, and full range of dishware. I felt guilty that we weren’t bringing food back to the room to reheat, or that we hadn’t brought sandwich fixings. We were there for Food & Wine, though, and had planned on eating almost exclusively in the park… but a room like this would be great for people who didn’t plan on eating out much.

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  1. Sounds nice. I’ve walked through the area but I thought they were all time shares so I avoided making eye contact with anyone in a disney uniform in case they tried to sell me one. It looked like everyone there was having fun when they were taking time off from the parks.

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