Four more reasons why I may never fly again

Remember back in February when I wrote this? Well, hilarity continues to ensue, and here are more reasons why even just the idea of flying makes me want to bash my head into a desk.

Here’s one about a TSA agent, caught with someone’s iPad, who allegedly took another $50,000 worth of goods from other travelers.

This one just fills me with a white-hot rage – 95 year old woman in the last stages of fighting leukemia, dehumanized. “If old people don’t remove their undergarments, the terrorists have won!” Gah.

Even though I starred this one in May, I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know how it turned out. Texas was close to banning TSA searches without probable cause, so the TSA reinterprets the constitution. Which reminds me, isn’t there an Amendment that states everyone who reads this should send me a bottle of vodka and a free puppy?

All animals were created equal, but some are more equal than others. Apparently TSA Security singles out people who complain loudly about… wait for it… TSA Security.

OH NO WAIT, here’s one more — even the TSA can’t explain why their enhanced patdowns are legal. Hahahahahah *ow* my head just exploded.

OK, I can’t take it any more. Here are two amusing things —

A long customs line that I would have paid good money to be stuck in, and weird things that people try to smuggle.

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