Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no — WAIT. I mean, DO ask me questions!

Recently, I was in a situation where (and I hope/know a few of you will be shocked on my behalf) someone insulted my soap. It’s kind of a convoluted story*, and I’d like to be rather vague about the circumstances, but it resulted in an email back-and-forth between a friend and I wherein she asked me a lot of thoughtful and insightful questions about why I make soap the way I make it, and suggested I work on on-the-spot answers to questions that I can just whip out when someone is making me feel defensive.

I decided to also write them up as a blog post to which I can link from my soap pages on Etsy, so that interested parties can read it, and also perhaps turn that into a flyer that I can hand out at events.

What I’d like from y’all, if you have a minute, is to shout out with any questions you have about my soap-making process, or let me know if you have any positive feedback of my products that you’d like to see included in a blog post and flyer (you can either comment here or email me). I’m going to have a double-sided tri-fold flyer, I think, and I’d love to have one fold be just feedback and rave reviews (which sounds terribly self-centered, but can sometimes help new buyers to relate to a product if someone says something in a way they’d say it themselves).


* The funny thing is that I’m so obtuse sometimes that I didn’t even realize this woman was being catty. Which is funny on both of our parts — funny that I’m so thick I didn’t get it until hours after the fact, and funny that there’s this woman so threatened by someone who doesn’t even register her that she had to (in her mind) tear me down to build herself up.

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  1. The only three things I want to know about your soap is why it lasts about twice as long as everyone else’s soap, why doesn’t it lose its scent after the first time I take a shower and can I have more? You don’t even need to answer the first two. In other words, there is nothing wrong with your soap.

  2. The soaps you’ve given me have been quite nice. I usually use liquid hand and body soaps. But I notice with yours, my hands don’t dry out so much as with the regular commercial soaps. I wonder about your customers who have ‘allergies’ to scents. Are they able to use your soaps without a problem? That would be a plus for that sector. I find all the scents really nice, but then I have never had a problem with perfumes and nice smells. (And feel very sorry for people who can’t enjoy perfumes.) The scents stay in the air after every use, eliminating any need for air freshners, too. Even Pa’s Smokehouse has a certain charm. Sort of like what my clothes smelled like after grilling when the smoke was blowing in my direction and my outfit had that same scent for several days. Not complaining, mind you.
    I wonder if the person with the problems was suggesting a standard PR technique of having answers ready to challenges and questions. Nothing wrong with that and sounds like you’re on top of that idea anyway. I think she was probably trying to get you to give her her money back. A sneaky gypsy trick. If you had realized sooner that she was a scammer, you could have just ignored her and blocked her messages for the future. Could still do that. Every business has it’s complainers, people who are never happy no matter what. I know you know that from your years in retain. Libraries were the same way. But for every yahoo a-hole, you probably have 100 happy customers or more. The only drawback was one of the soaps was so oily it leaked oil through the wrapper and I can’t tell which scent it was as the oil made the wrapper sort of impossible to read. Anyway, good points of the soap, for me, are gentle moisterizing with subtle but defined scents.

  3. I gave your guest soaps to a friend with VERY sensitive skin and psoriasis on her hands and arms. She asked me for your website because that soap was the only kind that she could use without a reaction – and she loved the scents too. If anyone asks, your soap has been used without a problem for very sensitive skin.

  4. Another thought about the Evil Complaining Customer. I wonder if she was just trying to get you to tell your ‘how to’ story so she could steal your methods and formulas ?

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