The Butterfly Rainforest

Jag and Antony are in town this week (!!!!! OMGPONIES !!!!!) and we’re being all kinds of social. It is SO!GOOD! to see them, and weird with how far away they live, that it looks completely normal to look up and see them across the table. Yesterday, Aunt Gay, Jag, Antony, and I went to the Butterfly Rainforest for a little while. Did you know they sell plants there every day now, not just on the weekends? Yes, I did come away with six or eight of them, thank you for asking.

[pictobrowser type=”flickr” albumID=”72157626571530327″]

Meanwhile, here are the photos I took (if you’re reading this in a reader, you won’t see them– you’ll have to come to the blog). Because I have Gardening Brain (it’s like Pregnancy Brain, except instead of babies all I can think of are drought-tolerant flowers and tasty veggies) there are at least as many photos of flowers as butterflies. Thanks to the handy guide they have on their website, I was able to name almost all the butterflies I took photos of yesterday.


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