Third Thursday Spinners

I know I don’t talk about Hanks much, but we do still do some things — one of those things is getting together on the third Thursday of the month at Wild Iris Books here in town, and Get Our Spin On.

Third Thursday Night Spinners

We’re a small group, but a loud group; and we’re very appreciative of the Goddesses of Wild Iris putting up with our constant requests for beer and our loud cackling like maniacal hyenas who have Tourette’s. Wild Iris Books is quickly becoming my “third place” — much like Hanks was to many other people (just not to me… because, you know, I was at work when I was there!). I first became familiar with that term at Hanks, as many of our regulars (or as we liked to call them, “Silk Hankies,” HAHAHA) would call it that.

Are you interested in joining us? We’d love to have you! While it’s not the best time for a full-on, one-on-one lesson (we are only there for two hours, and we do come primarily to be social), we’re always glad to help out if you’re just not grasping something or are itching to try a new technique (like Navajo plying, or supported spindling). You will need to bring your own fiber and wheel or drop spindle, and we meet there the Third Thursday of every month from 6 PM to 8 PM. Parking is around back, and you can come in through the red double doors at the back — that’s where we’ll be sitting. Close to the beer. 🙂

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