This week, this week is so! long!

Hello, hello, is this thing on? :tap: :tap:

What are you crazy kids up to this week? I am workity work work working, in addition to a million other things which I shall share after they simmah down, and I thought things were going to calm down Friday but it looks like it’s bleeding over into Sunday. I’ve been so busy that my wonderful friend Jenn stopped by my house for about an hour today to play with Backup Dog and to cut some soap labels for me. Jenn is The Awesome!

I should resurface soon. Sunday all I have to do is fire the kiln and wind some yarn, so maybe I will find time to blog that day? I so want to tell you about my new kiln! I love it with big pink girly hearty hearts! I have lots of photos to share, and stories! Awesome new kiln is awesome!

I hope you are all well. How are your holidays going? Do tell! I’m so tired but I’ll try not to nod off while you’re telling me about your day – I really do want to hear what’s going on with you!

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  1. I think this is the longest week ever. In history. And it’s not over yet. Too bad I’m not vacation…

    What am I doing? Waiting for school to let out for Christmas break so that there can be peace in my corner of the earth. Planning on starting a running program and hot yoga (sounds like some funky hippie food, doesn’t it?) next year instead of my tired gym routine. May push myself to actually tweak a short story I wrote for my workshop last year and try to get it published just to see if I can. Also looking for ways to bring in enough money on my own that I can ditch the day job, which is becoming quite meh.

    Was that too much? 😉

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