Maybe I should have a pre-launch party?

Say, did I tell you I started HaldeCraft? Just a few things up there right now; I fired the kiln today so will have a few more things to add up there this weekend. And today I took about 50 pictures of soap, to get eight different scent/design combination up there, and every single one of my soap photos sucked ass. Well, they didn’t SUCK… I mean, they weren’t blurry or had cat hair on them or anything, but I just… didn’t like them. I did them the same way I did ceramics, just a plain white background, but with the soap that just didn’t work at all. I need a different idea. I don’t want to be like everyone else, but there is so much soap on Etsy that I’m bound to do something someone else has already done. There are photos of soaps in baskets (I just donated about 20 baskets to Hospice Attic), soaps on the edges of bathtubs (as if the limescale on my bathtub would ever allow me to proudly show THAT off to the Internets), soaps on the edges of sinks (ehhhh…. that sounds like an option), soaps by plants (I do have a lot of plants), soaps in a variety of soap dishes (ironically, a friend was just asking me if I had plans to make any ceramic soap dishes and I was all “hmm, hadn’t thought of that”), soaps on plates (now I’m hungry), soaps on pretty papers or cards (I do have pretty paper I’m wrapping the soaps inside)… but do you see where I’m getting with this? I’m not exactly inventing the wheel. Maybe Tim would let me photograph my soap next to his table saw. I bet not a lot of people have used THAT motif.

Ooooookay – didn’t meant to get off on a tangent, there. All I *meant* to say was hey, HaldeCraft is roughly open for business (thank you to my two sales already! Whoohooo! I love you!) and if I could have everyone over for some sort of pre-launch, pre-opening bottle of champagne or something, I totally would. As it is I think I will go pour myself a drink and pretend that I am drinking it with you!

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