Working at home: The Dye Bar

The dye bar is pretty much complete!

The dye bar

1. Not your ordinary 2×4 – I love what Tim did here with rounding off the corners. It’s a small detail, unlikely to be noticed unless you’re looking up; but it makes it classy and impresses those who notice.
2. Shelves, stocked with dye – And room to grow! The shelves are deep enough to hold two (one in use, one backstock) and ultimately should be able to house all of the available colors.
3. Crock pots a-ready – I have base yarn on the way, and these should start seeing use by the end of next week!
4. Standing in doorway, looking to left – We debated putting doors on the shelves under the sink, and decided not to; eventually, though, the shelves under the crock pots will have doors. Notice also the small bar above the sink; this’ll be great for moving yarn from the crock pots to the sink without having to take them off the hangers.
5. The drying rack – Looks remarkably like the drying rack from the store… probably because it is. Tim cut the middle shelf out (the one that all the African Violets were on) to make it shorter so that it could fit in the smaller room.
6. View outside over the crock pots – maybe this view every day will inspire me to rip down some of that crazy ivy. That bar, by the way, is on an adjustable chain; so if I need to make it higher or lower it’s going to be incredibly easy to do so.
7. View outside over the sink – I can not wait to have time to do a garden this fall; my poor vegetable gardens have been unused the last three years because I knew I didn’t have the time to devote to caring for a vegetable garden. I can already taste next spring’s tomatoes…!
8. Lovely gift from Beth – No reason really to include this, other than our friend Beth did the macrame herself, and I feel like it’s a good luck piece.
9. Standing at back door – I don’t know that the winder is going to live there permanently, blocking the coffee mugs and taking up valuable table space. BTW, mom, do not worry about that table – not only will it not be near anything being dyed, but I have a slipcover for it just in case.

All hail The Mighty Tim (some call him… “Tim”…), who is just all kinds of fabulous!

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  1. Amen, Sister! We knew you’d made a find when ya married him; he’s just proving we were right.

    All Hail TIMMAH!

  2. So Tim, Have I got a deal for you! I know how much you enjoy projects like that and I know you must be heart broke that you have completed the dye bar…so… I thik I can come up with a few projects in Dugger for you. Oh and did I mention the splitting mal and wood pile out back — because I know how you restful splitting wood is for you. It really is a wonderfull vacation spot! … ya okay … it was worth a try… great job. Im jealous of the router!

  3. what would a post from me be without typos and runons! – sorry to all teh grammarians out there.

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