New Year’s Day

I can’t thank Chris and Sharon enough for New Year’s Day. Long time readers know that Uncle Joe usually makes breakfast for anyone who comes to the house on New Year’s Day– most years the food starts flowing at about 9 AM and goes until after lunch. After the bacon and eggs disappear, Aunt Gay starts bringing out leftovers from the night before; plates of vegetables, cookies, breads, dips… the food never ends.

But Uncle Joe was in the hospital this year, and that meant… meant what? No breakfast?

Up steps Chris, ready with egg casseroles and pounds of bacon. Ready to cook and step in for Uncle Joe. I have not the words; I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. My friends are wonderful.

New Year's Day 2010

1. Hungry?, 2. We’re more awake now, 3. Early in the morning, 4. Good morning!, 5. Egg, egg, stuff, and egg, 6. My guys

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