New Year’s Eve 2009

Uncle Joe was still in the hospital, but this party has been going on since before I was born so we were pretty sure it would happen even if Aunt Gay locked the doors and turned off the lights. Instead, she let us step in and take care of things for her; Barbara, Chris, and Sharon were a huge help (as were the trio of trouble – Tim, Antony, and Jeff). A lot of my photos are blurry because for some reason I thought it’d be fine to not use a flash. Dur. (Also, that first photo of Chris is actually a video – check it out!)

New Year's Eve 2009

1. Chris juggles fire, 2. My friends are wonderful, 3. Food, friends, and music, 4. A toast, to awards, 5. Audience in rapt attention, 6. Cheering him on, 7. Flames a-leaping, 8. Chris has an audience, 9. Chris juggles fire, 10. A quiet moment, 11. Boys in a whirlwind of activity, 12. Picking and playing, 13. Blurry in the living room, 14. Sharon and Chris, 15. John and Jaybird, 16. I fell into a crown of fire

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