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More of the cat room The Cat Room More of the cat room

One of the bedrooms in our house is a glorified Cat Room. It’s also the Paperback Science Fiction and Hardcover Biography room (shut up, I come from a family of librarians and writers) and doesn’t see a lot of action other than that.When we have people over, or need to quarantine a cat, it’s nice to have the space to do that. And when we had five cats, and two of them didn’t like other cats, it was also nice to have the space to put them all in and trust that everyone was going to have a corner.

More of the cat room More of the cat room

OK, this is going to have to be a filler post. Sorry for keeping you on the edge of your seats! I’ve been trying to get back to this post for most of the day, and am going to just give up and publish it the way that it is. Trust that [hopefully] tomorrow, I will finish the story!

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