Forgotten Skills

Forgotten Skills

Do you have any skills you’ve lost over time? List as many as you can think of, no matter how proficient you were at them. Think back to your childhood, your teenage years, and your early adult years.

Riding a bike
Sleeping through the entire night without waking up even once

From your list, pick a favourite. How did the skill become lost? Do you wish to revive the skill?

I don’t know how I lost the ability to sleep through the night (I grew up? Got stressed?) but fuck yeah I’d like that skill back.

What kinds of activities did you love to do as a kid (riding a bike, playing dress up, exploring the outdoors, etc.)? Do you still do them? Why or why not?

Uh, I liked reading….? And yes, I do still even do that sometimes! When I have time, and the ability to concentrate. Sigh.

Did you participate in any organizations as a kid that taught you skills you may or may not use anymore? (Girl Scouts, 4-H, community or church clubs, etc.) Tell us what you learned.

I was in the Girl Scouts and I learned how to sell cookies and I learned that other girls are incredibly, unreasonably mean.

What skills did you have in your younger days that are a bit rusty now (times tables, sewing, writing reports)?

Hahahaha times tables, hahahahaha. I mean, I could still do it, and I can still pretty easily do fives, tens, and elevens. But anything else and I’ve really got to concentrate.

Perhaps your skills leaned more toward the creative: writing stories, taking pictures, drawing, or singing. What happened with those outlets of creative expression?

They are still with me. Just ask Jeff, who suffers gallantly as I sing very loudly and off-key every time we’re in the car together. Poor Jeff.

Is there an old skill you’d like to relearn? It’s often easier the second time around. If you feel inspired, check out an online or in-person class on the subject, or simply give it another try. Don’t forget to come back and write about the experience when you’re done.

I wouldn’t mind brushing up on my sign language, but I’ve actually been following some deaf content creators on TikTok so I’m at least watching it even if I’m not speaking in it.

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