Last week was yarn week….

… and this….

Scenes from a work day

… became this….

Scenes from a work day

(Technically there was also a “before” stage wherein all that yarn was white, and in bags from my supplier, but who needs a photo of that?!) Which means that I’m getting the kinks worked out of my “new” schedule, the one I’ve been working on perfecting since making the decision to drop lip balms and lotions. I spend one week on yarn (ideally dyeing Monday – Wednesday, and winding dried yarn on Friday); one week on soap (ideally making soap Monday – Wednesday, and wrapping soap Wednesday – Friday); one week on ceramics (hand-building as much as possible all five days); one week catching up on things that need to be done (making Ravelry ads, anything that didn’t get done in one of the other weeks, paperwork, inventory and ordering of supplies, yadda yadda yadda). And ceramics every day that I can, for about an hour first thing in the morning and a second hour after lunch or after packing and mailing orders (which I usually do daily, after lunch).

The only thing that’s still throwing me for a loop is pouring greenware, which I used to do Tuesdays and Saturdays. I’ve got so much inventory right now stacked on top of everything that the pouring surface has become a “put it here until you can find a place for it” surface, and when I have time to clean it up, on the days I want to pour, it’s usually after lunch before I’ve got it cleaned off enough to pour. And then there’s no point, since even if I pour right after breakfast things aren’t ready to open sometimes until after dinner — so if I pour after lunch, they won’t be ready to open until the next day, and I usually have things already to do the next day. Hrm. So, then, still some kinks to work out. But for the most part, this is going well. Carpe schedule!


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