Saturday, March 31st

Life is soooooo hard.Saturday I folded two weeks worth of clean laundry, and how sad is it when that’s an accomplishment? Better (or maybe worse/more sad) is that I cleaned off the top of my dresser, threw away pocket shmutz that dated back more than a year, found about $4 in change, cleared off some dust that had recently started kindergarten, and went through all of my t-shirts seeing which ones I could go ahead and throw away, because I have more t-shirts than can fit in my dresser. The verdict is that I still have more shirts than can fit in my dresser, but not by nearly as much. Yes, I am a t-shirt hoarder! But I can’t throw away all those science fiction convention shirts. What will I wear if I can ever afford to travel to another science fiction convention?!?!


None of that has to do with Emo dog, who is using part of her blankie like a pillow. Oh the cute.

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