Teaser #4 (and teaser information)

I knit the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs!

So, a couple of months ago, I had this idea (in the shower, where most good ideas appear and then rinse away just as quickly). An idea for three yarn colorways and nine soap fragrances inspired by Star Wars. But was it really a good idea? Would it work? Would I get a Cease&Desist? Was it the kind of idea that I, being a nerdy knitter, would find funny as hell but everyone else would just look at me and blink and maybe feel a little sorry for me?

The more I thought about it, and bounced my idea off a couple of other, nerdy, yarn-loving, honest friends, the more I thought it might be able to work. And of course just like priming a pump, the more I thought about it the bigger the idea got. The yarn colorways ballooned (I made myself stop at ten) and the soap fragrances shrank (does anyone really want to smell like Yoda?) and are now six.

Again, with the discussion brought up by my Think Tank, I decided May the Fourth would be a great day to release the yarns — get it? May the Fourth? GET IT?

But one thing I could just not, in the month or two I’ve been actively thinking about this, is narrow down how many to make. 20 of each color? 50 of some colors and 5 of some others? Just in sock? What about people who don’t knit socks? Should I offer worsted weight? I do know that I want to make it limited, exciting, special, and I’d love to not have 100 skeins left over. So I’ve decided to test the waters with a limited number of pre-orders, information about which will be posted tomorrow. By seeing how well the pre-orders do (or don’t do) I will better be able to judge (and by “judge” I mean “guess”) how many single skeins to make and release on May 4th.


That’s the deal with all the Star Wars/yarn pictures; teasers of what’s to come. I have so many ideas for photos it’s not even funny. Actually, yes, it is funny. You should hear me giggle as I set these things up. As Tim said, even if I don’t sell a single skein of yarn I am going to have a hell of a fun time doing this. 🙂

I’m sure people will have questions — most of them will be answered with tomorrow’s post. This is not the information you are looking for. Nothing to see here; move along. Move along.

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