Saturday, January 14th

Fresh from the HaldeKilnDid I really just take this photo yesterday? Yesterday was the longest day in the history of days that are unusually longer than other days. Not in a bad way, in a way where I’d go to do something and it would take about a third of the time I thought it would, so then I went to find something else to do, and it didn’t take very long either, and so on. But that totally makes up for the day I had last week when I had to run a bunch of unexpected errands because I was out of everything. So there!

Neatly wrapped yarn mugs are now pre-ordered through the end of December of 2012. Unless someone has already sent me an email and just not followed up with me yet, I won’t be taking on any orders that will bring me into 2013. The thought of that just freaks me out a little. I have to make a mug every week from now until December, and I’m sure at some point in the next year I’m going to want to take a week off.

Speaking of taking a week off, I’m really sort of alternately having fun with and flipping out over this new calender system of mine. I’ve put into the calender listing four ceramics on Mondays, four soaps on Wednesdays, and four yarns on Fridays. With the exception of a couple of things I need to make for restocks, according to my calender… if I didn’t make anything new I would still have enough stock to list to carry me through the middle of March. Of course that won’t stop me from making new things! I’m having way too much fun to stop making things. I am liking having a schedule, but it does seem a little weird that …. well, I seem to have so much stuff. And I know I’m always talking about working (and actually working). But it doesn’t feel to me like I’ve made that much stuff. But clearly the calender tells me I have, as there are some things that I’ve made that won’t show up for two months. It’s just… weird.

Why don’t I list everything at once, you ask? A lot of reasons. I want to be able to space out new things because that keeps people checking in with me. I want to be able to list a few things every day (or now, every other day) because it keeps me in the Etsy recently-updated rotation. I don’t want to list a lot of things in one day because then really neat things get lost in the shuffle. And I want to be more organized. What I’ve noticed in the Fall is that I upload a new item, and relist an old item, and scramble to remake and restock sold out items. So I might upload some woodsy-scented soap, and relist a mug, and restock a colorway of yarn and a floral-scented soap. None of those things have anything in common, other than I made them. I want to have more … themes, I guess you’d say. Everything I uploaded Wednesday was lavender-based soap. The things I uploaded Monday were functional ceramics, good for the kitchen. Having a plan like that is going to (I hope) help me to feel more organized and structured, and less like I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off, screaming that I must make ALL THE THINGS! But I’m having to face that this might mean I’m out of something for a while, and that makes me twitchy if I’ve made it (like the yarn bowl in that photo above) but can’t list it until March. People, I’ve noticed though, are not shy about asking for things. So I can always to a custom listing for someone if they want something I haven’t listed yet.

Well, enough nattering on. I need to go refresh this coffee, and then today is OFFICE DAY, which means pre-blogging a few things for the week, adding some reviews into Goodreads, and maybe going through that pile of crap over there. No, not that pile. The one next to it. Right. That one.

Happy Sunday, y’all!

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