I don’t even want to talk about the sink and toilets

Scenes from a work dayThis is how I spent most of my day yesterday. And the day before, actually. It’s “yarn week” at HaldeCraft World Headquarters and I’m rewinding the new January colorway (hint: I was THIS.CLOSE to naming the colorway “Special Snowflake”). I was going to release that today, but the light looks like it’s going to be terrible for photos – gray and cloudy – so I might wait until tomorrow if it’s more sunny; I’m rewinding both the January club yarn (need to get that in the mail tomorrow) and the February club yarn (yes, I’m ahead!). And dyeing up the new February colorway (hint: if you like particular schools of magic, or football schools in Florida that aren’t Gainesville, you will love this colorway). I’ve also gotten the March club yarn wound for dyeing. I LOVE MY ELECTRIC SKEIN-WINDER. I’ve wound probably 75 skeins since Monday and feel great! Well, my neck is stiff because I slept weird last night, but that has nothing to do with winding yarn and everything to do with someone whose snoring registered an 8.3 on the Richter scale last night. (Love you, sweetie, and I swear I only thought about smothering you with a pillow once or twice. XOXO!)

And anyway, I can’t smother That Poor Man until he fixes whatever weird shit is going on with the plumbing in this house. The shower occasionally, throughout the years, drains slow. He snakes it, we pour some Liquid Plumber down there, it’s fine. But now it’s not necessarily draining any more slow than usual, but the toilets are …. well, they’re not backing up, but they’re threatening to. They get so close as to allllllmost overflow, and then decide not to. And the toilet off my office… bubbles… when the toilet at the other end of the house is flushed. This has been going on since the weekend. And then the day before yesterday, I noticed water on the kitchen floor. Turns out our garbage disposal had sprung a leak… Tim looked at it and then rather than fix it (it is old) he just went out and bought a new one. I was [fruitlessly] hoping that for some reason this might fix the toilet problem – I have no idea why other than my brain is sometimes not based in reality – but no such luck. Then yesterday (sigh), I noticed water on the floor of my dye bar as I was pouring out the dye pots. Of course I jumped to the conclusion that all of the pipes in the house are dying at once, and somehow it is all my fault, and we’re going to have to have and sell a child on the black market just to be able to afford to fix everything. Turns out the pipes had just come a little loose from all the shaking that happened when Tim was changing out the disposal the night before. So he tightened everything up, and since I’m dyeing yarn today I’ll find out in about two hours if everything is fine (I’m sure it will be). Now if only the toilets would right themselves. Blargity.

Totally unrelated, but I switched out the WordPress theme I’m using. You shouldn’t notice anything different if you’re reading this through an RSS Reader, but if you actually come here things will have changed a bit. New Year! New look! Well, other than this is a theme I’ve used before a couple years ago, so technically it’s not NEW. But you know what I mean.

Right, then. Time to seize the day!

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  1. I like the “new” look (even tho it’s been around before, I never saw it). Got my fingers crossed for you that the plumbing issue clears up completely. And . . . can’t wait to see my new yarn. Hurrah!!

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