Wednesday, March 7th

Try to remainBeing the sole owner and employee of a business means that you have to do everything, even the things that you don’t want to do (hello, quarterly sales tax, I’m looking at you!). And when you would rather not be confrontational, it’s tough to not have someone you can foist that job off onto. But it also means you’re an adult, and as the owner you need to do what’s right for your business. And just because you have to make a hard choice and be the one that does something when what you’d really rather be doing is throwing a tantrum like a three-year-old on the floor… well… it also means you have to look in that grown-up space inside you, the one that gives you that spark to be your own boss in the first place, and be the adult in the situation. You don’t have to be a bitch about it, you don’t have to reduce yourself to a defensive posture, and you don’t have to be insulting to someone who has been insulting to you. That’s a choice, you see. When you’re an adult, you can choose how to act. You can choose to be peaceful on the outside, even when you are raging on the inside. I think that goes for life in general, actually, not just business ownership. I have a heck of a temper, and it’s been a life-long struggle to come out on top of it. To not say the spitfire things I want to say, but to breathe deeply, count to ten, and say the better thing. To be the better person. Instead of burning the fuck out of that bridge, maybe just walk very very far away from it.

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  1. wow, would I like to know what went on to bring this post out. 🙂 Temper is one of my personal demons as well — temper and impatience. My son remarked on how well I’m doing the other day when I was answering someone’s inane question for the umpteenth time about this GS cookie sale thing. I got off the phone and rolled my eyes and said something snarky and my son commented “Yet you’re so nice on the phone!”

    Hafta be, honey, hafta be. Can’t bitch everyone out that asks a stupid question. Just take a deep breath and answer positively and supportively. Man. And sometimes I just want to beat other leaders with a stick.

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