The one where hopefully I don’t make this more complicated than I need to

Not that I have a tendency to over-complica—-HAHAHAHA I can’t even finish writing that with a straight face.

OK, what I have here are some questions. If I were to be contemplating bring hand lotion into HaldeCraft, I would need to narrow down fragrances. I have about 75 or so fragrances right now (including holiday/limited editions) and frankly, I can’t afford to jump right into lotion like that. Not only buying base and supplies, but the space! Space in this house is at a premium, and I just don’t have space to keep 75 5-gallon tubs of lotion around. I’d like to narrow it down to about five, including an unscented.

So I’d like your opinion, if you’re a lotion user! All polls are multiple choice, and you can also add in your own answer. You can answer all the polls, some of the polls, or just read them and not answer. Like I said, I’m just taking a survey, and this is the best way I know how.

Thanks, y’all!









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  1. I’ve always hoped that one day you would make lotion, but I never wanted to ask. That said, I am not the optimal customer. I have very dry skin, and actually find the Trader Joe’s Moisturizing Cream for Extra Dry Skin the best for me. It’s really thick, and it doesn’t set off my allergies or eczema. I think you could make excellent lotion.

    1. One of the friends I’m having test bases for me also has very bad skin conditions (maybe I should say “quirky,” not “bad:) and has eczema. So I’ll let you know what she says!

  2. I’d make sure you have a spicy, a citrus/floral, a woodsy/masculine, and one of your popular-but-hard-to-define scents.
    Personally, sandlewood or patchoouli, lavender, maybe bayrum, and MonkeyFarts (because I like the name!)

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