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I know I need to register a domain for HaldeCraft before some sleazy fucker snaps it up and I can never have my own online shop (see how I’m planning ahead? Just in case this goes well?); but I’m on the fence about blogging there. Leaning towards not. See… for the last three years I’ve been blogging here, blogging for the shop, adding the shop blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Ravelry… and I’m kind of tired of all that “don’t forget to do THIS” looming over me. Not that it’s happening now, but if I was at the shop, blogging something for the shop, chances are good I would get interrupted a number of times while blogging. And each time I get interrupted I forget what I’m doing. So blogging, posting that to Facebook, saying something on Twitter, and adding another something to Ravelry… that could take a couple of hours depending on who walked in the door or how many times the phone rang. Yes, things are already much different, much more calm, by working at home; but I think perhaps I will buy the domain name in order to keep it in my pocket, and just continue to blog here. I can make a new category for HaldeCraft and link to it from my Etsy shop; then anyone who only wants to read about my crafting can just view that page. Of course they’d be welcome here, too – many Hanks customers read my blog and I’m flattered and maybe even slightly more inclined to think friendly thoughts towards those that do. But I need to smooth out my life, not stress it out by adding one! more! thing! like a brand-new blog.

Also, in researching shipping prices and doing more key-word searching on Etsy, I think I’ve worked a couple of things out. Big things, heavy things, I will only do for in-town craft shows. It’s just not worth it to charge $40 for a Green Man planter, and then another $20 for shipping. Who’s going to pay for that?! I mean, if someone wants to do a special order, fine; but for the most part I think I’m going to keep the heavy things off Etsy.

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    1. I’ve got tons of owl thingies! I’ve got the two owls… I’ve got a set of owl plaques… I just bought a mold today for a momma owl and an owl baby – bonus, it has TWO DIFFERENT SETS in the same mold!… I’ve got an owl jewelry box… oh, yeah. I’m keeping my eye out for owl goodies!

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