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A young lady should take better care of her skin!" Thought you didn't want to talk to me. She caressed my stomach with her long, white fingers, then slid them upwards between my bikini-clad breasts. Soldier A: But Master, that’s – ! My gun! You have eyes. Shoot!" There's still quite a few of them left on the base. BB: A no-man’s land. I was the fastest in all of BB: It’ll be dark soon. use it on the Boss, and he’ll show you his ‘broken gun’ trick.” I asked him if the medulla. BB: Miel. Share ... audio cassettes that you unlock as you progress through the story. Strike team and decoy team are in position. Skull Face: You're going to call your boss – for help. We can't send anything else. Immigrants, wrongly executed. Zadornov was paying my room, board, and tuition, but he has since been captured. Business would dry up overnight. I wonder where Paz is. Was she merely being nice? rebels. PAZ: D'you know Miller, Snake's right hand man? The Intel Unit has started reconning the area. I’ve watched grown men scream like babies. Now move it! Chico: There are some cages to the east of a big building. Mind if I sit here? Kaz: I know that with you, I can make my dream come true. Kazuhira Miller: ... We'll start by having the Intel detachment in Cuba look for him. According to Chico, they're both being held at an old prison facility. I'm in a cage. But my goal isn’t to make money. back… [Kaz is field-stripped by BB.] Chico: Don't make me mad! No one's seen him in years. It is a bit messy, but it is organized compared to other .subp files and the … PAZ: All of Mother Base is preparing for a festival. BB: You’re wide open! Big Boss: Don't get the wrong idea. He was stationed in that prison camp before being sent to Laos. Kaz: Nobody operates out here, not the government, not the rebels. BB: So what now? They wouldn’t feed a sparrow. But... We're secret agents. Found in the central watch tower in the Administration Building. What happens there disappears down the memory hole. Skull Face: Those "spies" reported well. Please leave a like and subscribe! You can speak, can't you? … This goes… Wait, hang on, this end… Ah- Somebody was through here, in the Kaz: Gonna catch some fish. Big Boss: Who knows what they're doing to Chico and Paz. for some guerillas I’d taken under my wing. Kaz: So the negotiations are over? Apparently he's still finding uses for his skills even now that he's out of the war. Those nicknames had nothing to do with their skills. They have even commenced their own weapons development program. Apparently he's got at least one serious weakness. PAZ: Protecting one's health is an important part of any agent's job, but despite my best efforts, I have caught a cold. "Reel it in!" A noodle-eating contest? Chico used to cross the mountains with the older Sandinistas like it was nothing. What better proof she's a... real woman. Skull Face: The feeling is mutual. Kaz: I’ll… we’ll never lose again… The Japanese will never lose again. What will follow is a time of In leaving their countries behind, they leave their hatred for other countries, too. Technically you do not have to find the undercover soldier in order to get this. He'll make that in three days. He comes off as shallow, but his true intent is hard to read. You expect me to change I came to realize I mustn't die. Kazuhira Miller: This is a one-man infiltration mission, Boss. I'm betting this is payback from Cipher after Paz's leak. They have apparently divided themselves into Costa Rican and Nicaraguan teams and started playing each other. There's no need to put things in motion just yet. Skull Face: Those were the terms. But together, I think we can. thing. Guess it’s been 8 years. There are a total of 12 cassette tapes hidden throughout Camp Omega and they can be acquired by picking them up when found in the environment, completing specific mission requirements and completing levels on various difficulties. Chico walked in before my sabotage was complete, so ZEKE should still be operational. What’re you waiting for? They own if I have to! The letter was She told me to keep it. looks proud about it. It takes a lot of effort to divert attention. Okay, now go! All right. They call us Japanese “economic animals.” Say Talk. Soldier A: It’s a damn ambush…! Kaz: This is a whole new ball game. [BB laughs.] Skull Face: Thanks to your report a nuclear inspection team's being sent to their base. I disembowel myself. Chico brought me a little flower in a cup. Note: If the acheivement/trophy doesn't unlock when you get the last tape, finish the mission you are on and it should unlock after it is finished. The superpowers deter attack by revealing their nuclear arsenals to one another. I was not very nice at first, I know. Big Boss: Least the weather's on my side. How cute. Will he tell them? Yet somehow, two months ago, you became a drill sergeant to a platoon of A lot of As I see it, it is her own fault for letting herself be deceived like that. Say that we're a private organization, and we've done nothing to attract this suspicion. Kazuhira Miller: Relax, Amanda. The developer of The Boss A.I., Dr. Strangelove, has also come to Mother Base. have them to deal with. Chico and Paz would only take orders from you anyway. I trust I heard my name called... but not for long. I must act now. I should know. The ocean breeze felt so nice on my sun-soaked body. The Compact Cassette or Musicassette (MC), also commonly called the tape cassette, cassette tape, audio cassette, or simply tape or cassette, is an analog magnetic tape recording format for audio recording and playback.It was developed by Philips in Hasselt, Belgium, and introduced in September 1963. Chico: They're holding others here, too. "And Zadornov - that old Russkie's name has something to do with peace, too, right? On the tapes, you will find music, monologues of the heroes from the game or recordings of interrogations. Why do you think she'd leave 'em behind? Found in the central watch tower at the Administration Building.Chico's Cassette Tape 3:  Aquired through the course of the Ground Zeroes Mission. It was my first time fishing, and I was a bit flustered, so the soldier beside me helped by supporting the pole from behind. The information came from Cuba through Amanda. When I do, you cut Kazuhira Miller: Good idea. As a leader. like a slave driver. Cipher is watching. When the frijoles were ready, we drained the water, stir-frying them with the rest of the vegetables. Just today, while scouting out the living quarters, I saw a group of them in the corner of the deck making a fuss. He does this NOW?! No one will be left. The legs' drive system requires a high degree of precision to operate. The guard said, “Boss’ orders were to make sure you had the on the same side. [Gunfire.]. Big Boss: At least Amanda's on assignment in Cuba. I mean, it cannot be any worse than Miller's singing. Miller told me to take it easy. Kazuhira Miller: Yeah, his crush on Strangelove was never much of a secret, huh. So, you gonna admit defeat for real There are many Cassette Tapes in the game with almost all of them referencing various different things. Kazuhira Miller: This is the target. You must have one too. Soon enough, a rich aroma began to fill the room - the gallo pinto was ready. The IAEA has no authority to inspect us. She continued to stare and said, "No, it is beautiful. drugs for the cartels. The area was originally only for detaining refugees from countries like Cuba and Haiti. This is the kind of woman you'll want to avoid. Big Boss: Meaning it isn't American soil, so the U.S. Constitution doesn't apply there. As you can see, there is 8 gz_cassette file in different language like gz_cassette.lng#eng and gz_cassette.lng#deu. Chico: I got close to the fence to see if I could spot her. This skull is who I am. Kaz: I don’t want to kill you. Move it!! It was obvious that one of them would be dead were they fighting for real. This must be done before you rescue Chico or Paz.Chico's Cassette Tape 6: Eliminate the Renegade Threat Side Op. BB: Stand down! I have been practicing. And frankly, we should be inspected. His forces are smaller than anticipated. BB: And the “contest”? 2.62 seconds. Kazuhira Miller: Yeah. It is given to Snake by Chico after he rescues him from his cell and brings him to the cliffside cave. was…. Drive it right into my heart! They’re broke, barely any firepower, But what do they fight for? A melancholic delusion. Kaz: That I am. I could not be bothered to run at first, but chasing the ball out there in the hot sun, I was soon drenched in sweat. [He tosses the diaper to him.]. Continue. Those lights are so bright... Time to get moving. Snake enjoyed it, too... Let me make this absolutely clear: I have no interest in that man. Skull Face: Enough. Just the perfect home me, get Snake! Kazuhira Miller: Drop the act, Huey. So, they do not plan on revealing the nuke until necessary. And I still have need of your... services. It seems I have no choice. The military hasn't retrieved the information themselves, probably because they no longer know who in the Marines they can trust. As always, I answered according to our pre-defined scenario, feigning a smile. I must be careful. They’re all great Blood and sweat flew off their glistening bodies. By swotam, September 28, 2015 in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. I’ll even call you “Boss.”. You got moved from Cuba's Little America right into Cyprus' Little Britain.Venom Snake: Why Dhekelia?Ocelot: The U.K. and the U.S. remain close allies. Located in the cell adjacent to Chico's. Kazuhira Miller: I'd like to interrogate her ourselves, but if worse comes to worst, make sure she's dead. They do not have time for things like drinking. For some reason Miller really plead my case. That's why America still operates the base even after la revolución. PAZ: With East and West fighting over its control, Central America is now the most contested region on earth. I need your help. Chico's Cassette Tape 1: Awarded for completing "Intel Operative Rescue" Side Op. Let's try something else. Japan. Line up the Those were difficult days, but I remember finding the multi-colored fish gliding through the water incredibly soothing. Big Boss: Send them an official letter of refusal. That's something they could never understand. "Here's to You" Song: Ground Zeroes mission. Kept you waiting, huh? Whoever shoots them the fastest wins. But you must not let yourself get so tanned." In the end, I didn't score a single goal, and Costa Rica gave up its lead. Soldiers going, “Ooohhh!” BB tosses a bunch of But I could not pull the trigger. Kazuhira Miller: Boss, we'll just have to send someone else to get them out. It is well-known throughout Central America, not just in Costa Rica, so it is no surprise that a Nica like Amanda would be good at making it. Medic: 24 hours – same as her cargo. all happened in an instant. Right? Kaz: Yeah. Any potential troublemakers can go with them for some mandatory R&R. [He tosses Kaz a gun.]. Big Boss: Works for me. Cécile worked the frying pan according to Amanda's directions, but seemed a bit glum. I'm their last hope, all those who perished and left me here. Kazuhira Miller: My guess is they're trying to corroborate Paz's leak. Kaz: There’s one last thing that… hasn’t been settled. Our "friends" at Cipher suspect Paz could be a double agent. PAZ: Development of the bipedal weapon is now complete. There are seven of Chico's cassette tapes that you can find throughout the various missions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (to clarify, they cannot all be found in a single mission). This many. But at times like these, being alone is just... miserable. I knew already that tanning could cause spots, but I thought only pale-skinned Anglo-Saxons had to deal with that. You’ll see what happens.”, The men here all have deep respect for you. run of this place.” I could tell he wasn’t lying. Kaz: I get it… Charisma’s what makes the difference. I nodded, turning the handle as fast as I could. Either way, there was no reason to refuse, I suppose. it here, with my arm? the rebels and bring them down from the inside. BB: You beat me in any one event, and you win the contest. He ran without even questioning what I was doing. I nodded silently, unable to refuse. Kaz: We’ll settle our contest some other time. Kazuhira Miller: Again, this is infiltration – a sneaking mission. SMG! Betray Cipher now, and I will face a fate far worse than death. I ask, you answer. Kazuhira Miller: A chopper, and two sentries... Kazuhira Miller: A surveillance camera... with a green light... Kazuhira Miller: Hm? Aren't you satisfied?! Or else he will have to kill me. Why does it have to be that way whenever women get together and chat? There's gotta be a clue somewhere. Chico: So... she talked. Think about that. Skull Face: I don't expect you to believe me. The last place Cipher would think to look for you is inside their own system. Just buying time till the sun went down? Don't take this one lightly. I'm no different. And you have ten fingernails, ten toenails. All I did was ask you to join me. R-Run! Come on and stab me! about. BB: But you’ve got an eye for talent, I’ll give you that. She said it was the sunscreen she always used. You can bet Cipher had a hand in that. Kaz: No I’m not. Kaz: Seppuku… Hara-kiri. It might not run at full speed or power, but I do not have time to fix that. Impressive. You guys can finally show yourselves. 42 songs. C-Came because my place, my place is on the That's where we are. "I will sing you a lullaby," he said, then broke out a guitar and sang some incomprehensible song in Japanese. "Why did you abandon your country," I asked him. This face would be burned again, in torture, at foreign hands, but I, I still writhe in that burning factory. Miller seemed a little protective of me. out. You look better than I [Explosion. These fans can get so rowdy that it is commonly believed El Salvador and Honduras went to war in 1969 over scuffles in a soccer match. “I would lay down my Of course, I knew the answers already. Protect me... ...No. I must stay in character, after all. Eat Sound good, Boss? Chico: It's dark, but there are soldiers everywhere. I forgot it. Kaz: …Why are you here? It was Cipher who took me in as an orphan - gave me food and a place to live. He yelled, "C'mere and take a look at the REAL Kazuhira Miller!" [BB charges.] Gimme a week. All I could do is lay there and stroke Nuke's back, trying to take my mind off how bad I felt. this time? Everybody's looking forward to it, so there is no way for me to back out now. If she's still alive... ...We need her on our side. Judo? Also I added some select track related. Do as you will. The soldiers love the idea, of course. If they thought these little visits would cheer me up, they were wrong. Maybe we're> not so different after all, he and I. They haven't seen each other in a while. Huey: Yeah. Except for the bandits. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is the biggest open world action-adventure game in The Metal Gear franchise. Don’t mess with the Boss! And if bandits hear our gunfire, we’ll Cipher's holding me on a U.S. military base in Cuba. The day after tomorrow we'll be done installing the main depth control tank, the compressed air tank, and the attitude control propeller pod. BB: Miller, this area’s no good. Or is there a chance he will keep it secret? stone’s been turned over. And no one’s ever set foot here? It was harmless enough until, to my irritation, she began pestering me whether there was anybody I "liked." All Hell took from me was this skin, this outer peel that marked me "human.". That allows them to withhold its civil rights protections. All of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain cassette tapes with minimal background noise and detailed timestamps. Paz: Do you realize what you're doing?! Paz: I do not think I want to talk to you. As you'd expect, American and other Western human rights organizations aren't allowed anywhere near the place. We'll make a recording, play it across public frequency bands. Family? [Soldiers move out of their Let’s work together. She left last week. He'll know it's a trap, but he'll come anyway. up! My mind went totally blank. All he would say is that his country abandoned him because all he could do was fight. Snake parried, then responded in kind. These guys, they fall in line, but they can be a Not at him. PAZ: Yes, things are...proceeding. Goggles, stopwatch, spears… They even let me have a semi-custom 1911 modified The tape isn’t playing, so don’t try to find it by hearing. She's being held for interrogation at a camp on the southern tip of Cuba. Nuke just sat there, not making a sound. I knew victory was in my hands. The pain and effort that keep me alive will never know relief, never bear fruit, never be repaid. ...He bought my story, and when I said I would be willing to work, he took pity on me and let me stay. I… when I led the rebels, I pushed them That way! they shouted. The factory was bombed. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Music Cassette Tape Locations Afghan Lullaby This short but sweet little ditty can be recovered from the Wakh Sind Barracks. Obviously, a bunch of boors like that are not going to bother with blowing out candles on a cake. "Cipher watches all.". But there's no way we can have the IAEA poking around here. They call it Metal Gear ZEKE. Kaz: All these guys, all that firepower, nobody’d ever pick a fight with them. Every day my friends and I would see our parents at work in that factory. The Boss laid down her gun, choosing to sing for peace instead. Ne… ve…, [Kaz passes out. Be mindful of their sensory perceptions – sight, sound, smell... and pain. What should we do, Master – Master Miller! I guess I can’t convince you right away. 28 of those. PAZ: My cover is blown! But the IAEA can only do inspections in countries that are party to the NPT. Skull Face: First Big Boss, then Zero. "Wha-? All because the voice on it sounded like his mentor, The Boss. Kaz: I just want to settle things between us, that’s all. Taking cues from Dr. King? While we waited, Amanda shared memories of her mother with us. Every one must at least be 3 feet…. "I found this on the deck. You guys ambushed us, and half my unit was taken …It has been fun. Your men can stand Big Boss: About the inspection. This way is... much simpler. As cartloads of rifles came in from the battlefields, we fixed them up and sent them back out. bodies by the road and cover them with a tarp. So, what’s next? What about Chico? Fancy meeting you here." Kaz: [Kaz struggles as he is being grabbed.] Stab me! It happened so suddenly, and I was so taken aback that I did not even think to protest. You put the cassettes inside the Cassette Player that spawns in the Janitor Shed. BB: [Relenting sigh.] Rather, they sit there in a cloud of cigarette smoke, drink beer, eat meat, tell tasteless jokes and swap crude insults about one another's hometowns. Here, you can have it." But if you lose, you have to let me go. didn’t take long for Miel to deliver their response – “Understood. job for them. Skull Face: Perhaps. This is our chance. I wonder if that is what makes Big Boss so popular. None of them understand. PAZ: Preparations are coming along nicely. "You one tough bastard, Boss..." Miller muttered. Just stop before you get clean through. Having power means not being afraid. we’re “obsessed with money.” But that’s not true. Then what? Skull Face: At the infirmary they carried me to, a nurse in the corridor saw me and remarked, as if it happened every day: "They should let the poor thing die." Liberation is at hand. Dr. Strangelove's departure came at a perfect time. But somehow I got the sense that for all his womanizing, Miller really only trusted one person, and that was Snake. he meant like a magic trick, but he just laughed and said, “Give it a shot. Guide by Eurogamer staff , Contributor side by side. I gritted my teeth and played it coy: "Maybe." I waved at her. Though he and Snake first met as enemies, they discovered a common bond and together built their private army, with Miller directing business and administrative affairs. How did we end up agreeing to the nuclear inspection? C! Skull Face: Does it hurt? Kaz: C’mon, stop it, you’re making me blush. For Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Animal Noise Cassette Tapes". Predictably, many of the soldiers here are fans. Remember what I said? By this time, Type I included pure gamma ferric oxide formulations, Type II included ferricobalt and chromium dioxide formulations, and Type IV included metal particle tapes … I've no interest in that kind of man. The soldiers gaze on it with pride and reverence. It's part of British Overseas Territory that falls outside of Cypriot jurisdiction. If I am to keep playing the teenager, I will have to start paying more attention to my skin. Zadornov posed as my professor, but Big Boss took one look and knew he was KGB. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. BB: All right, all right – now let me see your hands. Kaz: …No… it’s nothing you need to hear. I thanked her and took the tube. I've never known choice. They had a guard posted so I got outta there. BB: [Sighs.] else – escape’s not an option. Goodbye…! Your... family? Take some guards off duty, let you quietly slip away. And they saw right through that story about you being a government Does she look sweet or sour? Equipment is the bare essentials. They’ll be looking to get even with that traitor, Kazuhira Miller. The tape will have the same tracks as the CD, so it can actually be Knocking them out or tranquilizing them won't work. But only her. If your game's language is English, you will need gz_cassette.lng#eng, if your game's language is German you will need gz_cassette.lng#deu. I'll monitor the situation and offer guidance from here. Kaz: …No, I’m just getting started… Okay, next is…. They banged empty cans and shouted cheers through the handmade megaphones. And even now you think, as any person would, that this can't be happening. What difference would it make to just wait a little while longer? I knew it would come to this. The organization Paz spoke of - Cipher. But I could tell he was not aiming for anything vital. One of the base personnel used to belong to El Frente. Kaz: What do you say? All that is clear is his infatuation with Big Boss. Security looks lighter than I thought. Once you've gotten them to the RV, call in the extraction chopper. We need her alive. I indulged their chit-chat for a few moments, then one of them asked me to give the thing a name. Join me and I’ll throw in a full pardon – forget the whole Specifications of each type were set in 1979 by the International Electrotechnical Commission. Kazuhira Miller: That's right, you were away on a mission. I am watching you sleep as I record this. "Not right now," I said, trying to dodge the question. Kaz: Guess we stumbled onto somebody’s turf. Get up! "Not bad," said Snake, smiling. Then he said, "Fighting is the only thing I understand. What can you do? We all fight for ourselves. I need your help. [Explosion.] She's no good to us dead. Kaz: [Fumbling with his gun.] But I’ll be damned if I’m going to be your Pay’s not as bad as you think. That's what kept you safe in a British military hospital for nine years. Tell you what, I’ll even the odds for you. If they come and go without discovering the nuke, we can tell the world we're clean. I know he... likes me. There are a total of five, each with its own genre of music. You want to broadcast this place to the world? What’s the matter? The soldiers in the camp have been helping me Boy, would she get pissed. Then one day, aircraft came droning in from some far-off sky. You can bet on it. Kaz: We take turns. Kazuhira Miller: Snake, yesterday, we received official communication from the IAEA. I will offer this world M-Master Miller! Problem is, it's leased land. Think you'd make it? And that is why he needed the MSF - because that is all he is any good for. Kaz: Contact, 10 o’clock! Today, Amanda and I taught Cécile how to make gallo pinto. The timing's too perfect. For both you and the girl. nails’ll be gone, but they’ll just be getting started. Below is a transcript of all of the cassette tapes in the game (not counting those with music stored on them or the classified intel tape). I’m a samurai. So what do I call you? Now that I think about it, Mother Base's numbers are on the rise, with soldiers coming from all different places and backgrounds. The only line not scratched out is the final one, which reads Test #110. Even though he's Nicaraguan, Chico cheered me on, yelling "Go for it! I’m serious. BB: That Kazuhira Miller is a government spy whose mission was to infiltrate Kaz: Yup. That's all I had. He tried to act nonchalant, but I'm pretty sure he's got a crush on me. He then proceeded to share his idea without bothering to check with me, and now I am slated to sing. We tried to flee outside. That I'm not the only one. ], Kaz: Hey. ; Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Theme His men are no better. Everyone knows that. for those who want to fight. Although initially reluctant, Big Boss came around when Zadornov played him the tape. them want to leave the military so they can go with you. That's why he's doing this. Kazuhira Miller: No, I've got something else in mind. There are 37 cassette tapes in total. I was more than happy to take it, but exactly what were her intentions? …All of you, grab him, now! Chico: I got caught. Eat this! Fortunately, these atmospheric conditions will continue until dawn. I heard later that apparently he'd been two-timing someone... and that same someone had gone to Snake with her troubles. them more than anyone, which is why they’ll have a piece of the ground floor. We need them focused on the inspection. Think you'd make it through that? "But not good enough!" Kazuhira Miller: Snake. You’ve got a lot Go on, open it. Look again. Drop your And don’t join government forces either, all And I will be compensated appropriately. After I quit the JSDF, I made my way there and got myself a position They think their training makes them strong, but that kind of strength is nothing in the face of true power. They're after Metal Gear ZEKE's nuclear warhead. I just want to get away. BB: CASEVAC the wounded. This way! They'd recognize her. Except maybe snakes, and I You met with him – face to face – in order to contact Big Boss. I could not be more pleased. Chico, on the other hand, we have to bring back – fast. Told her she should've just gotten it over with. I thought he was joking. Here. Kaz: And you got two, four, six… seven. But that does not mean I have got a grudge against those who believe in peace." Kazuhira Miller: There's no telling how much influence they have. Get down! BB: You have a dream? That ours is a society that murders the innocent. Skull Face: She looks weak. BB: He showed it to me the minute after you gave it to him. Last-ditch kamikaze, huh? literally shit themselves. I suppose finding one's own food does have its merit, but I prefer not to be involved in such a degrading task. Even I could manage a dish like that. I’ll survive on my BB: Thanks. BB: All right. Wielding a deterrent, all the while unable to reveal its existence. I'd planned on saying yes. My family died, my country died, but they didn't take me with them. To my surprise, it wasn't even half a vara . Not that we are trying to impress them or anything. Do you see me. They ought to be telling him where to stick it, but end up falling for it so easily. If I don't, their will will be swept out of this world. I'm in Cuba. LMG! The medical team said I'd need a few days' rest, so I've been restricted to my room and put on bed rest. It was really close, though. Please, Paz. If not us, who else is gonna rescue that bitch? And Snake, himself a gun, parted ways with her. BB: One of the regular military’s “executions.” You see a lot of them around BB: Now, are you going to join me? Your men are all dead. Find somewhere else. BB: Wrong again. Gotta have a strong stomach. You'll be next! However, this was only after The Boss A.I. I am not one of them, and I do not believe in peace. BB: It isn’t about the money. Going over for a look, I saw they were feeding a kitten. No, I have not forgotten what you said. Don't forget, they're not human. BB: Formerly of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces… An army that doesn’t fight. Miller took another swing, yelling, "Try this, then!" Show him. You got members of FSLN rubbing shoulders with the UCLAs. begins to laugh.]. Chico: You heard me. The C4 has been planted on the legs. BB: This is battle. Help me, Snake... Kazuhira Miller: Yeah. BB: All right. To him, this means betraying his country. Cécile nodded and giggled, "He's pretty sexy, isn't he?" But soon enough he too was drunk. BB: The base commander and I have an understanding. someone made ‘em that way, their place has always been on the battlefield. Cipher's been in hiding ever since his grand experiment. I told the man that with no more money from the KGB, I could no longer afford school. They had already been at it pretty hard in the showers, and their bodies were covered with bruises. Good luck BB: That’s right. As I cast my line and waited for a bite, the soldiers began to ask me all sorts of questions. Meanwhile, the scientist behind Peace Walker's locomotive control, Huey, defected to Snake's army. Your arm is shaking! Look for the P.O.W. It's gotta be off-the-rader... And it's gotta be you. covers.]. I’m unarmed. Kazuhira Miller: Still, even if he does find his way there... Big Boss: You know how reckless he can be. "It works best if you rub it into your chest." That's where we are. No…! An easy was to get this is to simply stay in the truck that you begin the mission in until it has reached its destination at the Administration Building.Classified Intel Data: Classified Intel Aquisition Side-Op, when you go to retrieve the Agent's Recording, notice the camera in the room with the tape before you enter. When the day comes, one of us will have to die - Snake or me. Kaz: That’s not what I meant. Spinning his tightly wound web of control, leaving no room for individual will - typical. Certain tape locations can usually be uncovered by interrogating a random guard in each mission. Extracted 7 red containers from OKB Zero The first batch of … That way my head stays But I did have visitors: Amanda and Chico, Huey, Cecile, Miller and a few of the soldiers I've become relatively close to. I have never done anything like this, but it does feel kind of nice to know that people are looking forward to it. That you too can return to this world, for revenge. Booby traps… Damn it! However... Well, forgive me for asking, but... this is you I am speaking to, isn't it... Cipher? You wouldn't get any help from the Cubans. I would do anything to get you out of here. Turn right! PAZ: Futbol, or "soccer" as it is known in the states, is extremely popular here. Can’t have our contest if you make ‘em shoot you. Or should I end Cécile fancies herself to be well-versed in such matters, and gave Amanda all sorts of advice. manicure. Everything continues to unfold according to plan. If you radio Miller about it or are caught by it, Miller will mention that this was a setup. around. battlefield! What do we tell the men? Doesn’t look good for you, huh? It I’m not interested in making money. OK, you, commander! While waiting for them to cook, we sautéed onions and arroz in a frying pan. For a moment, I was spellbound. Those Marines have the place locked down tight. I'm coming, Paz... Chico: I think I found her! Big Boss: Sounds like I'll have to miss the inspection. You go where the money is. Quit that struggling. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain > Cassette Tapes & Trailers By Carlos Astete. Skull Face: Give this to the boy as a reward...and a memento. Sneak up and make him give up the tape. "I thought we had forsaken our countries, become one with the earth," he said, quoting Snake. Paz: Naked Snake, the man who once saved the world from the brink of nuclear war. Paz is our only link to Cipher. What the… The whole thing?! Found on one of the dumpsters in the alley next to the stairs going down to the boiler room where Paz is being held; on the north-west side of the Administration Building. We can't let him be captured. He must have someone inside Mother Base besides me. Wait..." I sputtered as her moist eyes met mine. I want some more! The entirety of … What do you say? Recon from the Intel Unit supports this, so it's safe to assume that's where they are. Watch out when you grow up, boy. 10164: - Mentioned in TppDefine.lua, set in Afghanistan. now. Kazuhira Miller: That the problem's how to hide the nuke and Metal Gear. Please enjoy. All we hear are orders delivered by proxy. It's gotta be Paz! Outta my way! have to bear it. Cipher watches all. I have never helped anyone else before, only Cipher. Kaz: Sounds the same to me. With my unit gone now, I guess I’ll never know…. Big Boss: We're an army without a nation. Nevertheless, distasteful as it was, I went along in order to maintain my cover. Big Boss: Good point. Extract the P.O.W. Kazuhira Miller: Word of our capabilities gets out, and we'll have the whole world out to shut us down. Kaz: Uhh… Hold on, just what are you afraid of, Snake? We don’t invest in something And soon, all I have built here will end. Growing up means choosing how you're going to live your life. Contact with Big Boss successful. Q! agent. Well, I figured If the player owns a Radio, the Cassettes can be inserted and played. There's gotta be a clue somewhere. But I was raised in the States from a very young age and can hardly even remember my mother's gallo pinto. To him, I am just a peace-loving student, and another victim of the CIA. Kaz: I was unlucky – I ended up against you. Hopefully he's still a good listener. Big Boss: I'm surprised Huey let her go that easy. We fight our enemies in order to survive. Tonight, Snake himself came to my room. Which means it also becomes a golden opportunity for us. You have made me believe. Random soldiers: Over there! Robert Smith) The Valley of The Pagans (feat. They can either give you new or old information, and sometimes even music. The scientist was our way in. Either you take her – now – or you're strung up next. They're involved with the creation of that black site... And that is why the Pentagon chose us. The Machine Is On!! BB: There you go! It sickens me. Fire! Then talk. I’ve seen that It stands there like some sort of...mystical guardian. {A} little time with big sis and he'll forget all about you-know-who. Conflict is in man's nature. I will fight Big Boss. They recruit more personnel daily, and already their mercenary services are turning a profit. I improvised some nonsense about how "our compassion for living things can help prevent wars." Just tell me what you know. landed a job here as a drill sergeant. The final moment is yours. The place is their old haunt. And - clueless or not - I will need to be especially careful around Cécile, the one who actually recorded that tape. Chico: To bring him here...? Man, this takes me back. He can be found in the West Refugee Camp. His presence has greatly accelerated weapons development at Mother Base. Unlucky for me, though, you were Kaz: Hey! Kazuhira Miller: That nuke's our last line of defense. Make sure I don’t try to escape. They talk up a storm, but they're just having fun. They’ve been all too kind. Skull Face: I said... Do you like what you see? [Sound of BB obviously beating Kaz.] He had a chance to stop Paz from hijacking ZEKE, and he blew it. That is all well and good, but somehow I got roped into getting on stage... "C'mon, we even both have 'peace' in our names," said Miller. [BB swallows the fish.] Big Boss'[s] leadership and charisma and Miller's business acumen drive this impressive growth. The deal remains in effect until both countries agree to dissolve it or the U.S. abandons the land. PAZ: Today Chico invited me to go fishing with the soldiers. on board Peace Walker sank itself into the bottom of the lake... in what could be likened to suicide. But, to be honest... Having you with me here put my mind at ease. {The} kid really did care about her. Too bad. I tried to push through their legs and get ahead, but a boot in my stomach put me on the ground. modeled after The Boss'[s] thought patters. Paz: Chico. Come back in one piece. I want Big Boss to hear his little diary. go.” Perfect. We'll get her whatever papers she needs. Maybe it was one of those nights where he could not sleep. PAZ: Zadornov has been detained. You've done your part. Open your present. That I will make it out of here... And that – no matter what happens – it will not be the end for me. Isn't that right? Use discretion before engaging any guard you encounter. [He tightens his grip.] I let you go, and Kazuhira Miller: She was rescued by a Belizean fisherman who found her drifting in the Caribbean. Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Violence, Strong Language, Includes online features that may expose players to unrated user-generated content, The Best Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday Deals, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Wiki Guide, Connection to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. That's where we are. So hot. Don’t try to move. life for that man.” The words of a soldier who once served under your command. attached – I don’t want it left for the birds. Each one contains information surrounding the events of MGS Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. Better that than killing each other. Until your last breath, you know it. Ever gone spear fishing? hospital freely. Or you want to do your hara-kiri for real There was really no reason for her to hang around. I haven't found a real reason to care about the cassettes. Cassette tapes are a special collectible of Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain. Signs of human activity heard.] Your only backup will be one extraction chopper. I’ll take somebody’s 1911. Or is she really into me? Skull Face: Your favorite song. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. *spoilers*". These are all the story based (info / Intel) tapes I received in my playthrough of MGSV. Kazuhira Miller: It's Amanda in Cuba. We'll deal with this afterward[s]. Hope you do not mind. He knows too much about us. Home » Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain » MGSV: The Phantom Pain Guides & Walkthroughs. BB: They had weapons. And at that thought I began to feel as if I had lost. Right! BB: It doesn’t matter. BB: Even then, you thought I’d only have one man watching you? The crowd blocked the exit. My skin would never feel anything again. I already know all about you, Kazuhira Miller. They welcomed us warmly. Despite the heat, she was in her usual long sleeves and pants. The problem is, moving a group that size in a hurry would look even worse. Soldier: Enough. Where could it be... Kazuhira Miller: A soldier... and a tank? She lectured me on the perils of tanning - how it ages skin, causing wrinkles and spots, and in the worst cases even skin cancer. Huey: That's why I agreed to the inspection. Thank you, Chico. Zadornov's... or should I say, the KGB's plan is to play the two sides against each other, turning the entire region Red. of. There’s a guard assigned to watch me, but he lets me move around the Free iOS App iPhone & iPpad. Do you, too, believe your sacrifice will change the world? The, the slide’s gone?! The home-cooked flavor we'd achieved was a big hit with the men of MSF. Apparently, he had heard me on deck one day and since then he's wanted to form a band. Kazuhira Miller: Yeah, that's Uncle Sam's excuse. Zadornov offered them a plant off the Costa Rican coast – to use as a base. We request permission to inspect your facilities.". When did I start having thoughts like this...? Suppositories! It's all I can manage to just survive. They started shouting at one another, but Huey stepped in. And their prattling on about fishing being "fun" is nonsense. Kaz: We first met as enemies on the battlefield, and now here we are fighting Big Boss: It's 60 miles from Santiago to the prison camp. As I sat there feeding them lies, the fish began to bite, and the soldiers began to focus on their prey. That’s why you insisted on this place. Nuke came over - it is one of his favorite spots - and stretched out next to me. BB: How did I ever talk down to a businessman like you? I'm sure he's just... exploring Havana or something. We haven't signed a safeguards agreement with the IAEA over peaceful nuclear use, and we're not obligated to report any nuclear material we have, nor information about any nuclear facilities. The mission can wait until after that, can it not? When they found out ZEKE was complete, I was ordered to execute the operation immediately. Kaz: [Shows a number with his fingers.] It almost made me want to join in, too. What do you say? "This is not a war. It's an old, grassy facility. They looked at each other's battered bodies, and then burst out laughing, embracing and congratulating each other on a good fight. I'd never seen violence like this before. Perhaps that is why this all resonates with them. Costa Rica had the advantage up until that point - I suppose Huey wanted to keep it balanced. But we’ll never… be beaten again! There's no more time left. You mustn't! The thought of romance has never once crossed my mind. Kaz: Say… what’s your count with the ladies? Country? Is it education? Kaz: You afraid of something? Now my real trial begins. But I wanted to hear it from him. Chico: I made it ashore. The soldiers nodded. My mark, my proof of humanity. I thought I would never make it. But at least I'll get a look at his body. Two major Western networks want to do stories on us. She looked away and mumbled, "H-hello there. All in all, a thoroughly wasted day. Big Boss: No way to know for sure. He will tell you that the real tape is in the hands of a marine with a shaved head. I'm not here to find playmates. "Resurgence" / "Theme of Tara" Songs: Deja Vu. Amanda made me a soup with herbs she said were good for a cold. Kaz is hit, and What’s that, a model airplane? We might actually get an up close and personal look at the bastards. Paz is here too. PAZ: It was lovely out today, so I decided to sun myself in a lounge chair up on the deck when Strangelove came up to me. Kaz: A soldier eats what he can, when he can. That is the truth. Move! The home you want. If you're a real soldier, you'll find your own way out. Chico's Cassette Tape 7: Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements Side Op. I named it Nuke. Go, go, go, go, go! It's because the two were less than human - No heart, just an eye to find their prey and a finger to pull the trigger. BB: My contract with the government expired yesterday. But that is about to end. own way. You’ll be the one getting the bamboo BB: [Sighs.] BB: Here they come. I'm using Zadornov to buy some time. He does not bother me, most likely because he considers teenagers off limits. Naked Snake (Big Boss): What a load of bullshit. Without the slightest chance or reason left to them, humans are capable of hope. The soldiers' training has left them in excellent physical shape. Huey, the referee, blew a whistle to start the match. Eliminate the Renegade Threat (A photo of Glaz), Eliminate the Renegade Threat (A photo of Palitz), Classified Intel Acquisition (A photo of the JSC undercover agent), Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements (four photos of targets), Chico's Tape 1 - March 7-8, 1975: Arrival in Cuba, Chico's Tape 2 - March 9-11, 1975: Recordings from his Cell, Chico's Tape 3 - March 12, 1975: Escorted to Paz's Location, Chico's Tape 4 - March 12, 1975: Interrogation, Chico's Tape 5 - March 13-14, 1975: Negotiation, Chico's Tape 6 - March 14-15, 1975: Chico's Distress Call, Chico's Tape 7 - March 15, 1975: Bargaining with Paz (Final Recording), Agent's Recording - Secretly Recorded POW Interrogation, Pre-mission Brief: Mission Background & Intel, Brief 1: Nuclear Inspection Demand by the IAEA, Brief 3: Preparing Staff for the Inspection, Paz's Report 1: Contact with BIG BOSS (Colombia, November 4, 1974), Paz's Report 3: Big Boss's right-hand man, Kazuhira Miller, Paz's Report 4: The Peace Walker Project (Costa Rica), Paz's Report 6: Mammal Pod (Peace Walker's AI), Paz's Report 8: Infiltration of Mother Base, Paz's Report 9: Metal Gear ZEKE Completed, Communications Record 1 (correspondent unknown), Communications Record 2 (correspondent unknown). With so few women aboard Mother Base, I'm treated like a princess. Credits roll.]. Kaz: [Kaz gapes. There are some sprinkled around the map and there is always one of them on each floor of the BRIBBLECO™ building. But don't bother trying to escape. I whacked her with my pillow. I had better watch myself. Having an American private intelligence agency involved's bad news. heads-up. The guy you gave that letter to while you were recovering. Awarded the title of "Big Boss" for his service, he later became a mercenary, abandoning both his title and his country. Then he said, "You know what is good for a cold? last few hours. Except you. You can take a look at (data1 need to be extracted) \master\data1\Assets\tpp\ui\Subtitles\subp\EngVoice\EngText\tape.subp for subtitle file of all cassette tapes in the game. I know that, but I told myself to focus on some hope, a nonexistent hope to guide me through this burning world. The crocs I've never had the freedom to choose for myself. I now better placed than ever to monitor their internal affairs. Beck) The Lost Chord (feat. BB: I could always just put you out of your misery. The men gave me a little fish. It has not caught on yet in the US, but it has legions of rabid fans all across Latin America. Snake yelled as he slammed his fists into Miller's chest. C! Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain ; MGS5:TPP Audio Cassette File Download MGS5:TPP Audio Cassette File Download. Info Tapes are important recordings in a cassette that are acquired in Metal Gear Solid V by completing various missions. Silence her before we're compromised? I thought it was going to be huge. But if I disobey my orders, the fear and despair awaiting me will be far worse than anything I can imagine. That why I had absolutely no interest, but Chico insisted that I come and watch. No, not this time. I’ll even be your kaishaku. Kaz: The days of the Cold War are numbered. Your mission is to destroy those Snatchers. And better yet, they wait on me hand and foot, believing I am just a schoolgirl. BB: They were already here. Without ZEKE, I do not have a chance in hell of winning. In this playlist you can find songs of all trailers and cassette tapes located in game. It called "Love Deterrent " - it is about a girl who can express her true feelings. point man for this new age. 10162: - Mentioned in TppDefine.lua, set in Middle Africa. And you can’t boil them or grill them. In any case, one can never be too careful. Snake's new objective in Costa Rica is to prevent that. Skull Face: We can't have her waking up – or dying – on us... Medic: I gave her a transfusion, a nutrient cocktail, and an anesthetic. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough. And if we get her back here and she isn't... cooperative, there's still plenty of room for her in the ocean. We’ll Most days they are training from dawn till dusk. As I had imagined, he was not exactly forthcoming. He is an insatiable womanizer. Ignore [th]'em? Chico: Come on, Paz. "Look, isn't he cute?" And together we watched fluffy white clouds drift lazily across the clear blue sky. Whether they were born that way, or [BB throws him down, and catches little temperamental. Then Chico walked in. Take a swing! MGSV: I neglect to listen to all the cassette tapes. Of course it's risky, and we'll have to make sure everything's perfect. BB: My journal contains a few secrets he’d rather his superiors not know I must complete my mission... How did it come to this... All I wanted was three more days, just three... Miller's already finished writing the song. Kaz: But why me? never seen a day of combat. We’re talking about a military without There's nothing cooking in AI weapons research, and ZEKE is complete. Don't die. I’ll give ‘em the Those are the only words of my mother tongue I remember. These tapes give vital information and are one of the major sources of the game’s story, which is why they are only available after mission completion. And the ocean's not giving her back. Kaz: Recognition. I...I was afraid they would try to use you, somehow. I have not forgotten. ¿Hablas inglés? BB: You went to America, then ended up down here. Useless! And I have one last use for you. This way! Start getting the place ready. BB: It’s extremely painful. They gave me back my recorder... At least whoever finds this will know what happened. Got him secured. I'm really just into the gameplay and unlocking new weapons. Irrespective of ideologies, isms, or borders. Kazuhira Miller: Yeah. Chico had his bait stolen by a fish, and got so angry that he stood up and nearly fell into the sea. I shouldn't have enjoyed it. the rebels? From behind, it’s all one cut from below chaos, with no clear cut line between friend and foe. BB: It’s full of arowana! Actually… this many. peaceful, huh? Soldier: We heard from the advance team – everything's right on schedule. Kazuhira Miller: Of course. At some point, I got a bite myself. I think some of it stems from the fact that he is actually not that bad looking. Talk! There's something strange about a military organization having parties. KonamiStyle has posted a photo of the cassette tape that comes with the Limited Edition of Metal Gear Solid V’s upcoming soundtrack CD, The Lost Tapes. I make my move now. That’s being a kaishaku. Kazuhira Miller: The truth – what else? You want to come work for me? this time? PAZ: Every month, Mother Base throws a party for all the soldiers whose birthdays fall in that month. Anyway, today that nasty habit got him in trouble. Two of ‘em. [Another execution can be Or rather, so that little world we knew could continue. Acquired cassettes in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain are surprisingly handy. [Someone outside gets executed.]. As a soldier. "Why create the MSF?" Since Snake and his soldiers spend so much time fighting, they're setting aside one day a year for peace and relaxation. "I've got bigger issues to deal with"... That's what he said. If you were that lucky, you wouldn't even be here right now. Obtained cassette tape at OKB Zero When you climb to the top of the silo, instead of going straight to the helipad, go left and find the elevator. That provided us an opportunity, so we seized it. real spy. Lots of choppers coming and going. I know it hurts right now, but it will all be over soon. The arowana? It's an old, grassy facility. Ricardo "Chico" Valenciano Libre: Snake, it's Chico. I wondered what kind of fish live below the surface, and thought back to the deep-sea dives I had to do as part of training. The soldiers agreed with Huey's call. This "subversion" appears to extend all the way to the base's higher-ups, and the source of it? Cassette tapes relating to the child soldiers escaping also bear this mission code in their names. And then he was back on the offensive. Kazuhira Miller: Yeah. It’s the dawn of a "You son of a bitch!" soldiers. What do you see? Maybe the CIA’s planting Skull Face: Almost there. There are some cages to the east of a big building. Now for the second one. "Ambushed" / "Pleasure of Tension": Jamais Vu Extra Ops. Stay I'll never help you. In any case, he saw me, panicked, and took off running. They were good, and I trusted them. But this was not the first time it had happened, or the second, and Snake read Miller the riot act. Move! You guys wait here. I am no child - the sight of a naked man does make me blush. A bunch of grown, hard men, and they are the ones acting like schoolgirls! "Hey, as long as we're having a day of peace, we ought to get an act together - The Three Peace Band!" 次に、Music Tape 1の内容も、全てが収録されているわけではないことについては、既に発売されている、MGS:PWとMGSV:TPPのサントラに、このサントラに収録されていない曲、TPPでアレンジされた曲が収録されているので、そちらをどうぞ。 How about it? So show me. The Cubans leased the land to the U.S. as a gesture for helping them gain independence from Spain. This "ace-in-the-hole" approach is their idea of a nuclear strategy. He's carried that guilt ever since. If she's too dumb to see though Miller's lies, then she got what she deserved. But it’s nearly sundown. BB: …Not too big, huh. He and Snake got into one of their rare fights, and I was there to see it. PAZ: I failed to anticipate Coldman's madness, but nuclear was was averted. So our country could win. watch. here don’t have a taste for human flesh. But I cannot imagine his agreeing to that now. "What is wrong with a little sun?" First time in the big city, he could've gotten carried away... Big Boss: Kaz, wait. Quite a complicated process for home-cooking. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes acts as a prologue to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and takes place one year after the events of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. The Cassette Tapes, apart from the Elevator Cassette which is found in a different location, are items found while Metal Detecting. Miller argued back, and what began as a shouting match turned into a fistfight. This tape is found at Lamar Khaate Palace, inside the tent near the front of the palace; The Man Who Sold The World. When I win, and I’m free… I’m going to tell the rebels you’re the It [BB runs after Kaz.]. [BB lights himself a cigar.]. [Soldiers come charging.] here can be very unpleasant. After a hard fight, I pulled it up. It all seemed so idiotic. There's no other way. But he has hit on every single one of the few female solders here at Mother Base. Even so, it was far less gruesome than if they had given it their all. No one’s ever set foot in this jungle. to learn about intelligence work. shooting! Kaz: Of course. and a lot to be responsible for. BB: Part of the government’s disinformation campaign. I held it out in my palm, and the kitten happily ate it up. Look. BB: I see you had the gift for talking business in Spanish even back then. Why do such a thing...? Then she offered to put some on for me. It seems I am to fight the legendary Big Boss. Same location as in Deja Vu. Consecutive! Yes, that's right. Your But she pressed on. Half Japanese, half American, he once served in Japan's Self-Defense Force. "Hope they're not being too crude," he said. What about the Sandinistas? And the border's a mess of live minefields. I cannot imagine he be willing to negotiate. Big Boss: So what's the plan? Can you shoot? X Research source This will give you a new spool with a clean-cut piece of tape to splice the tape from your old cassette to, so that it is attached to the new wheel hub. We may be hired guns, but you’re still my Viewer! You've been most helpful. PAZ: As of today I will be living here at Mother Base. Huey: We finished ZEKE's waterproofing reinforcement yesterday. BB: [He swallows another fish.] Miel may be his name but booze is his honey… and I think I just realized how the Japanese turned their economy All this from a fistfight. Trampled grass, blade marks on tree trunks, and over there – that If I was going to enjoy just one day of peace, I had to ensure the plan could not move forward. BB: [Lights himself a cigar and laughs.] There are seven of Chico's cassette tapes that you can find throughout the various missions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (to clarify, they cannot all be found in a … They had been separated because of Somoza, but the taste of her mother's cooking was still fresh in her mind. It is funny. Kaz: You want me to join you? When my time came calling I didn't die. Finally she swallowed and said, "You have such beautiful skin..." Bewildered, I shook my head and said, "No, not at all." then dropped his pants and mooned everybody. Unfortunately, it was not the kind of food a cat would like. Interrogators Cassette Tape Locations¶. It says, "It has come to our attention that your organization recently purchased nuclear fuel from Uzbekistan authorities. Our resupply package arrived, but Chico wasn't with it. PAZ: Kazuhira Miller is Big Boss'[s] lieutenant. this is oily… No, that’s not right…. Whoever gets the most and the biggest wins. Chico. fish.]. Kaz: But I will join you. In Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, the player can access cassette tapes, either at hand or by collecting them, that will give expanded details on events and character backgrounds, as well as give some information on various missions. BB: I’m holding you to that. She'd have to be eliminated before he came. Kaz: Don’t worry… It’ll be over soon. Get Chico and Paz outta there. No one suspects I'm neither a teenager nor a student. There would be trouble if it looked like sabotage. Nice and It's like... fruit. Cipher's the ones who sent Paz to us in the first place. When I stop and think about it, my time here has been the most peaceful of my life. Rather anti-climactic. Big Boss has elected to arm it with a nuclear weapon. She should stay put for now. The soldiers watched us for a while, but you never hear from me again. Just can’t get away from you… You’re not just a snake, you’re a We congratulated each other on a good match and sprawled out in the shade on the deck, exhausted.

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