homemade deep conditioner for 4c hair

Instead of vegetable oil…use OLIVE OIL! I was in need of a conditioner, Im trying mayo heated in the microwave. Honey, avocado, bananas, apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil are expensive where I live. [img]https://bglh-marketplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/unruly_logo_small_black2.png[/img]. I believe my kinky 4C high porosity hair is an advantage and will help my twists to lock faster. wow! This is a brilliant article. Before we had conditioner on the shelves this is what our ancestors did mix stuff to put in there hair. This now brings me to hair porosity…. I want to thank BGLH .…..for all these wonderful receipes although I’ve only been natural for 10 months these have been the best 10 months of natural I’ve ever experienced OMG… LOVE U GUYS HERE ARE MY RESULTS The avocado’s meatiness and fatty acid content contribute to the effectiveness of this mixture. A Dose of Health.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. PERFECT timing, I have pear in my fridge now, that has turned a little brown, and I don’t like to eat it that way. Her post is what made me go on the quest for finding a properly balanced shampoo (which I wrote about in my previous post). But when my sister started braiding my hair the last time i used this she was amazed at how soft my hair was.. It continued with a move towards mixing our own “natural” products. This is wasting food items. what I do is section my hair and do one section at a time for I can masauge my scalp after you are done shampoo your hair and make sure the… Read more ». Two table spoons of honey How to Make Your Own Deep Conditioner. I have tried different deep conditioners I recently made one with one avocado, EVOO, egg, mayo, and yogurt and it worked out well. This conditioner is ideal for those with thick, dense hair and major shrinkage. I have been natural for going on 4 years and this was my very first time using conditioners that I can make at home and I must say I love em!! I will eat the banana, avocado, olive oil etc. Yeah, it does say blend it. Egg white mask is great for tightening pores and honey and turmeric mask for discolorations. You’ll just need a blender or blender wand. How much of each do you use? Can you provide the quantities you used in the deep conditioner recipe? I couldnt get thepieces out of my hair! I co wash my hair every week or two and only use shampoo once a month or every couple months. how often do you have to wash your hair? The ACV rinse is followed by 3 minutes of rinsing hair in cold water. ;-D. I use honey, olive oil, and egg. Ingredients: I have tried the Avocado recipe a few times. I myself never use it in my hair only on my skin it is a great exfoliator. Thank you for sharing! Is this a concern? Or you could save the recipes until one of the mentioned fruits is going bad in your fridge. Not trying to be funny but did you use a blender? Place the sliced avocado, unrefined shea butter, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), and apple cider vinegar (ACV) into a blender. Aloe vera juice contains several key vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids--all of which are ideal for hair. I made a hair conditioner with jus avocado, banana, olive oil and white shea butter. White vinegar is made from grains. Tagged as: Leave it on your hair deep conditioning for 30 minutes. [img]https://bglh-marketplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/IMAG0149.jpg[/img]. My 4a/4b/4c hair loves it. Yes heat can and will damage your natural curl pattern when used to much or improperly. please help me people i really need this help me i am having a lot of breakage every time but how do i stop that? I experienced this as well the first time a used bananas in my hair. These look great! For the first two conditioners — am I supposed to shampoo first? I have thick, tightly coiled hair. I’d use jojoba oil in place of it hope that helps . Also, I still had enough for 2x, so I stored in the freezer and it was still good for the next 3 weeks. No, its not harmful for hair. Doyin, I get mine online. 1 large overripe banana (sliced) OR 7 oz banana baby food I believe I used half an avocado, about a tablespoon of honey and then added the coconut milk until I got the right consistency. So, once again, I would like to know the proper mix for a Caucasian with very FINE hair. ;-D However, it’s also very easy to make your own Mayonnaise, as well. TRUTH ABOUT MAYONNAISE: 1. Home deep conditioners are best but for me GKhair deep conditioner hair mask did wonders. Two table spoons of Jojoba oil And they weren’t large chunks. I have very thick 4c hair and it made it so much softer and manageable. would give option 3 a trial. This deep conditioner provides intense hydration, makes hair soft and silky, controls frizz and split ends, strengthens weak hair, repairs damaged, processed, and dry hair, and adds shine and bounce. Banana baby hair food yields amazing results on my hair. Banana hair mask is amazing for my hair, please give it another try. As with the last go ‘round, I put a plastic bag on my head, this time I sandwiched a hot wet towel between two bags, put that on my head and then put the hat on my head. 2–3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. When my hair is washed and allowed to air dry, it will coil into dreads. I mixed a lil olive oil and blended bananas. Check out the chart below to see how each towel stacks up. MAYONNAISE is chiefly made up of well-blended egg yolks, oil and vinegar or lemon juice. warm water is sufficient. I desire to learn even more things approximately it! Back when I used the conditioner, my hair was very short, so I didn’t need to make a large batch. This homemade mixture consists of an avocado, olive oil, melted shea butter, and apple cider vinegar, which together provide amazing slip and hang for detangling. Apple cider vinegar & EVOO are imported so they are pricey. I run a bath and body shop on Etsy, Summerland Bath & Body. ‑1 oz unrefined coconut oil […] So I did a hot oil conditioning treatment with coconut oil and honey. Why is this even an arguable debate? My daughter, whose hair isn’t as kinky as mine, used the conditioner too. Thanks so much for posting this! My natural hair texture is not that bad but when transitioning the two textures are so different it makes it so difficult to commit to growing out the texturizer and I am not doing the “Big chop”. Anyway, according to Ms. Vee, hair porosity has much to do with not only dry hair, but single strand knots. It worked, but my hair is still a drippy mess even though I washed it out several hours ago. thank you!I am intrigued by the banana one. You are like me in that you are not afraid of trial and error and you document your trials and try try again until you get it right. good luck! So, I frequent this site often for tips to keep her hair gorgeous. I might make some flax seed gel though. I much rather make something. I have now started to combine it in smaller amounts with other ingredients for my conditioner(plain yoghurt, flaxseed gel etc) and find that works better for me. I hope it will wash out well. Natural Hair Detangler Recipe - A Napptural Beauty | A Napptural Beauty, 3 easy to make Natural Deep Conditioners for Natural hair | Beautifully Mane, Hair Recipes to Try – Hair Recipe for Strengthening | islandkynks, Hair Recipes to Try – Hair Recipe for Manageability | islandkynks, How I Changed (The Awakening) | Inner Peace to True Love, Step by Step Natural Hair Care for 9 Ether Hair - The Tyesha Talks Show. Also when should you do the treatment in your regimen? Instructions: If you have sensitive teeth, you know what ice cream, Before I ventured into making my own deep conditioner, I used Aubrey’s, I remembered that vitamin e is good for hair (and skin and a host of other things), so I decided to use vitamin e rich avocados in my mix. I get the best of both worlds – moisture and strength – with this conditioner. These products are a Godsend for this naturalista’s busy life. I like the avocado+ voconut oil.Its fun and certainly safer than a buncvh of chemical laden products. 4c hair deep conditioning moisturizing moisturizing natural hair natural hair natural hair kids type 3 hair type 4 hair wash day Kesha Phillips Creative director, curator, wife, and most importantly, mother to two Afro Babies - Kesha has appeared on shows like CBS Better Mornings Atlanta and AMHQ with Sam Champion featured as a parenting and lifestyle expert. Maybe you should try it like this as well. Apply your deep conditioner from roots to tips, utilizing a smoothing motion to ensure thorough application. I had one bout with sciatica, and that was oh, 30 years ago, or so.…. It feels like butter. I’m letting it sit while he enjoys his bath. From what I understand, deep conditioners are to penetrate the hair shaft, while the quickie conditioner adheres to the outside of the shaft. Honey (raw and organic) Unfortunately, I bought Aubrey in bulk and now have 3 bottles sitting in my medicine cabinet that most likely I won’t use. I visited a store call Sally’s Beauty…but, the only Shea butter they offered had a billion other ingredients in it! Understand that a deep conditioner is much different than a quick wash out conditioner. thanks. However, I’m studying abroad in South America right now and can’t seem to find pure Shea butter anywhere. Or is it more-so just the oils from the fruit (not so much the meat) that stick to the hair? Just tried the Bananas, olive oil, glycerin, and honey mixture on 4b/c hair and I am in love..A year ago a friend gave me a mixer and I never used it..well today was the day I dusted off that Baby and went in and let my hair get some love. I liked the smell and the way it made my hair feel. 3 heaping tablespoons of coconut oil when making the avocado mix use a blender to get the mix smooth for application, that way you arent ricking out chunks of avocado in your hair. ;-D, Your dog will have the shiniest coat, ever! I tried last night and the banana would not rinse out. Half a ripe avocado These all sound wonderful! My hair seems to love the weekly deep conditioning so I’m now including it as a part of my weekly hair cleaning routine. Wouldn’t the baby food have the oh so harmful preservatives in it? (There is no need to melt the shea butter ahead of time.) Also can try the pureed natural bananas in the baby food aisle if you like. Check out more combination mixes that you can use on your hair at: http://health-and-beauty-nut.com/2013/07/homemade-hair-conditioner/, […] Article source via: http://bglh-marketplace.com/2012/08/3‑easy-to-make-homemade-deep-conditioners-for-natural-hair/ […], Coconut milk and honey is all I use as a deep conditioner now, it leaves my hair soft and shine and my hair is very kinky and coily. I just tried to coconut/honey one, my hair is very damaged. (depending on hair density or length, you may use two servings of this recipe). Nature’s Advantage Honey & Almond Conditioner, you can also use 1 banana, 2 2tbs of honey, and 1/4 or 1/2 cup of coconut milk. I was a little scared to do it at first when I saw mention that your curl pattern would loosen, but I twisted and put curl rods in, and my hair is bouncy and very soft, no issues whatsoever. Let us know how it worked out! My date was going to arrive in 10 minutes so I took down my hair, only to find it FILLED with banana! I’m one of those people who doesn’t measure things. still trying to comprehend that this is your hair. It did actually do the trick as my curls were loose but next time I’ll make sure to blend rather than mash the bananas. I could see the looseness of the dry curls after though. With dreadlocks things like knots and high porosity are a good thing. I am not natural but I am trying the texlaxed method. Learn how your comment data is processed. U could then add in a drop or three of an essential oil, I like lavender myself — it’s good for cleaning and of course relaxing and if you happen to get some undiluted oil on your skin it won’t burn as it is one of the few essential oils that is near the pH of human skin. While I have not had trouble with pieces (i push the avocado through a very fine mesh strainer), my hair is left VERY oily once it starts drying, after I washed out (of thought i had washed out) the conditioner. Either way, they make the hair feel softer. […] for those who want to prep for a style, read Chinwe‘s article 3 Easy-To-Make Homemade Deep Conditioners for Natural Hair. […], […] Once a month I wash my hair with black soap, then condition it with one of the above conditioners and deep condition with Olive Oil deep conditioner. I’ll let you know how it turns out. In the end my mum had to help me pick out the banana bits. I made a version of the banana deep conditioner making small substitutions based on the ingredients I had on hand. You probably didn’t sieve the mixture or use an overripe banana. The mixture will eventually go bad. I coated the stuff on after co-washing and left it on with a shower cap for about 30 minutes. ‑1 tbs black strap molasses Thanks again! I was wondering are all of these homemade conditioners okay to use along with any of the homemade shampoos? For the banana conditioner, err on the side of caution and sieve it. Personally I just say STAY AWAY FROM THE BANANA!!!! I am trying to make sure that everything I use in my hair and on my skin is all natural.… Read more ». In my BGLH style icon interview, I mentioned not having a go-to conditioner…well, I have it now! Not sure what you used lol. .bcos i made use of product known as emily millionaire too often and it has made my to thin down…wondering about what could be done. My hair did not complain! I would just stop using baking soda to wash my hair. Detangle, rinse thoroughly, and style as usual. how much in tsp/tbsp are the ounces, and where can can I purchase these items. A complete damage reconstructor leaving each hair strand nourished, healthy and strong that are less prone to fall and break. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Their change in formula and my desire to be as natural as possible caused me to venture into making my own deep conditioner. Olive oil is a bit lighter than avocado oil and is an ideal for the summer months or to add into your favorite conditioner or deep conditioner for type 4 hair. Hence the reason I said I would rather eat the products. Depending on your hair’s moisture needs, once per week or every two weeks should do the trick. We need to trust what grows from the earth over chemicals. It’s suggested to deep condition hair … 1/2c moisturizing conditioner. (Depending on your blender quality, you may or may not have to then sieve the mixture. Yes, I did say cold water. I had to just wash my hair section by section to get it out. The Deep Moisturizing Conditioner is perfect for high porosity hair and also has a ton of slip. It’s like with anything you do thats new. , Felicia, what a fantastic post. I love mixing up my own products because in the UK it is cheaper than shop bought products. I’m looking for something I can make in bulk and use often. this is a beautiful article, i think i’m going to try some of this. There are so many products from your kitchen that is very beneficial for your hair. You could try to make your own deep conditioners. I personally recommend the pro naturals argan oil hair repair mask =). From homemade conditioners to whisking away at some styling gel, we love using natural ingredients for our hair.Just because you are new to natural hair does not mean you are not ready to create your own diy conditioner. Homemade Conditioner That’s where the problem began. Hi Julianne (sorry for the late response), I changed the water when it started to look a little dirty. I hope this helps you a little. I tried the avocado deep conditioner and it worked wonders. Never had it typed, but I’m sure it’s in the 4abc… Read more », […] Many thanks to BLACK GIRL LONG HAIR who posted this recipe, link to their recipe can be found here girls […]. There are two choices when it comes to deep conditioning. Instructions: The Vitamins Hair Cosmetics Keratin Hair Mask Deep Conditioner is formulated with a lush blend of Moroccan argan oil and vitamin E, keratin, and wheat germ oil. I presume you might have created certain nice points in capabilities also. You can also try freezing and thawing the bananas first before blending them. I have very thick 4c hair and it made it so much softer and manageable. Actually, you can get organic baby food.…just like any other food. I don’t think you used an avocado. can you jar n store the avocado mixture in fridge n still use or is it a mix each time u need it???? Here’s a quick high-level explanation of hair porosity. Hi Andrea. Haha, needless to say I had to call him and say I was having an emergency and that I’d call him when I was ready. #4 lastly…even though your hair is long, by the looks of your icon picture, it probably absorbs oil much faster than someone with curly hair, you might need less oil as most would…and start… Read more », I hope what I do helps you which is to heat up the mixture for a few seconds either in the microwave or by stove top to get the ingredients to mix together. These three deep conditioner recipes will show you how to achieve healthy hair on a low money and time budget! it make the oil looking stuff come out of the mayo and you leave it on ur hair for 15 min, I am attempting to grow out my texturizer for about the 4th time in the past several years. I want to thank everyone for the natural homeade remedies for the are excellent and I look to learning more I LOVE MY NATURAL! I got outof the shower, wrapped up my hair, and got all ready without looking out at it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Porosity is a measure of how well or not hair absorbs and retains moisture. Hair Growth Mayonnaise contains egg yolks, vinegar, and oils that work together to nourish and moisturize your hair. 4C natural hair is hard to manage and having locks that don’t absorb moisture or hair care products make it all the trickier. Blend the above ingredients for a couple of minutes or so until in a consistent paste. Again, I am going to grow out the texturizer for good. honey Could you please clarify if you are referring to grapefruit seed extract or grape seed oil? After reviewing the best deep conditioners for 4c low porosity hair we discovered, Mielle Organics Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner is head and shoulders above the rest. I think the sieve is great advice, for the avocado too, buz sometimes you do get veins and seeds in the mix. However, if you are using essential oils and are breastfeeding or pregnant you may wanna get the ok from your doctor first before adding essential oils into the mix. Check out the recipe for the detangler in this previous post. I really do not know what to do right now. It gave me the “slip” I wanted and made my hair feel soft after it dried. I remembered that vitamin e is good for hair (and skin and a host of other things), so I decided to use vitamin e rich avocados in my mix. A deep conditioner made from […], […] Depending on the length and thickness of your hair you should adjust the amount. I am going to try it again, this time I will blend the bananas until smooth. I LOVED the way my hair felt afterwards. I came across another blog, Coily Queens Rock, where Ms. Vee (the blog owner) explains that hair porosity can be changed. For number 3 can you add tea tree oil to the mix, as a little something for the scalp? It may be near the natural sweeteners. The presence of L‑cysteine, an amino acid, in mayonnaise helps it nourish your “scalp” to promote healthy hair growth. Just make it “fresh” each time! When choosing between the two, it depends on how dry […]. To prevent doing a big chop, do apple cider vinegar help develop your curl pattern? #2 is absolutely amazing. Actually, my trials and errors weren’t so bad, it’s just that when you have kinky 4C hair like I do, you have to make sure the conditioner’s consistency is correct. Therefore, it needs the most taking care of and looking after. Homemade aka DIY deep conditioners or deep conditioners brought from the store. Can we mix any of these mixtures together?? Will definitely try it again with a sieve!!! Just go around passing on ideas that have no scientific basis or proof that they work other than hearsay. Whipped Butters 2.5 OZ Sample Pack - Pick 3, Reposted from @liuzzi40 Loving these whipped body, When customers order $100+ worth of whipped butter. <.http://www.prettygoddess.com/, Any tips for cleaning the blenders afterwards? If you are new to making your own products or are a current mixtress searching for an easy-to-make recipe that actually works, you can start with these homemade conditioners, which are my three favorites: This homemade conditioner improves the manageability of my hair for post-rinse styling. Now, let’s get to the DIY homemade hair conditioners! I get mine from Ebay its awesome $5.99 per 8 ounce!! I know Coconut oil can strengthen your hair a little bit, but I don’t know about replacing protein with it. I found that if you do, the mixture is much more creamy and uniform in texture and less chunky. DIY Deep Hair Conditioner . While numerous recipes exist on the internet, few are actually both simple AND effective in meeting the needs of our natural hair. […] by Loo of Hair and Health Black Girl with Long Hair […]. Hi, I recently did a video on youtube featuring an avocado and coconut milk homemade conditioner and I had AMAZING results. Homemade treatments for dry hair type should be rich in deeply moisturizing and conditioning ingredients such as avocado, mayo, cocoa butter, honey, and eggs. Extra virgin olive oil I cut a fresh banana into pieces, poured some honey onto it and poured some melted shea butter and then blended till it was smooth. Maybe my hair and banana just aren’t meant to be. I mix all all of this together, slather it thick on my hair (after cleansing), leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse out. No need to STORE it…it will go bad. Or would that have adverse effects? The hat was my make-shift heat source since I didn’t have a hair dryer. Not wanting to comb through the dreads and pull my hair out, I decided to twist my dreads (no comb or product needed, just twisting). With hair as coily as mine, thick conditioners do not want to come out. […] hair once a week to ensure it remains healthy. My hair likes cones and I use them in great moderation… so… until I use up all my “scientifically enhanced” DCs, lol, no kitchen mixtures for a while. We will NOT share your information. I rather know what is going in my hair than having to read… Read more ». I been going natural for a year now. in Hair {2 comments… add one} hello I was looking for homemade hair products for my natural hair and I came across your comments and I am very intrigued with all the knowledge you have and I would like to know if you have any tips on homemade hair masks and hair gels? Hi Lovelies, In this video, I show you how I mix my deep conditioner when my favourite brand is not available. Omg! possibly overkill but my hair feels amazing after. Your hair looks so lovely and soft, Patrina, I tried the avocado jawn, I had veins and seeds all in my hair lol. You read and agreed to our Privacy Policy. That’s too much money for something that’s really much better for your insides (avocado is full of healthy fat and keeps you satiated) than your outsides. I’m trying coconut oil, honey, and banana baby food on my sons hair(if I go by hair typing it’s between 3–4). Using the apple cider vinegar shampoo recipe with castile soap,… Read more ». I hope to make her some as a gift so she can pamper herself at home. Perfects against chemical services, heat styling and other environmental effects. Then came to rinsing it out. They’re useful when you run out of product but too time consuming right now. I dont think I’ll ever spend tons of money on pricey conditioners. I tried the banana conditioner today. I mean literally, a whole new twist! Once I’d steamed it for half an hour hair was soft! Most bath towel collections offer a variety of sizes to fit your space, budget and personal preference. I will use my little personal blender if I try this! . I liked all of them but my fav is the avacado mix. When I first went natural, I would make these mixes. Its curls have a zigzaggy pattern with a not-easily-discernable definition. Everything else listed is pretty cheap by comparison. It is heavier than olive oil and… Read more ». As you can probably guess, I have highly porous hair. Why would you put baby food in your hair? themanecaptain.blogspot.ca. Adapted Banana Deep Conditioning Mask from LolaZabeth.com. Just put… Read more », I extra dry skin n hair so im going to try this thank u! When I saw him I told the story and… Read more ». While I am not a lady of color, my father had very tight curly hair,and I have wavy hair; and my husband has Italian coarse, curly hair, and passed that on to my daughter. I started keeping my natural hair about 10months ago but it seem to be really hard. It basically entails washing my hair every 3 days with a pH balanced shampoo, deep conditioning it and then following it up with a cold apple cider vinegar rinse. On this blog Felicia shares what she’s learned and the healthier choices she now makes as a result of her new knowledge. Stay in step. It’s perfect time to make some plans for the fuutre and it is time to be happy. 1 overripe avocado (sliced) The recipe with the measurements are listed above. Apply to hair and let sit for 30–45 minutes under a shower cap. : Our own web site I have just went natural for about 10 months I am so excited I have went throught the transition stage now I am going through learning my hair embracing my natural and I LOVE IT! I will not be doing that again! What is the consistency supposed to be when you apply it. There is also the option of using banana baby food instead of a regular banana, if preferred. And crushed oatmeal as a non irritating face scrub! This keeps my hair always soft never dry and crusty. I realized I should have blended them. 1 semi-overly ripe banana Unfortunately, as you know, it’s a lot of trial and error. Its easier, you don’t have to blend it, it is already done for you! My hair feels so dry,strong and breaks and now am trying to find better ways to restore my hair. I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. To know that you have similar hair and a similar journey is to know an ally! Some people prefer the white vinegar as it can lighten color and leaves their hair with a gloss. I’d really like to try the second choice since my hair has been super knotty when I wash it and when it dries it just gets worse. Are these conditioners supposed to leave your hair… Read more ». Blend all the ingredients thoroughly and add more EVOO, if necessary, until the mixture reaches your desired consistency. 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 2 tbsp pure vegetable glycerin I will never buy deep conditioner again. P.s. If you are looking for an effective and inexpensive deep conditioner for your hair, head on over to your local supermarket and pick up a container of Yogurt! Taking Back our Health One Choice at a Time. I’ve been so upset at the state of my hair!!! PLEASE HELP.. #naturallife2013.. Place the sliced banana, extra virgin olive oil, glycerin, and honey all in a blender. I meant if you do not use the egg yolks…incidentally don’t use hot water if you do you use egg yolks, you’ll cook it into your hair that is rough to get out! I heated the coconut oil by placing it (in a bowl) over about-to-boil water and added the honey to the heating mixture. […] Homemade conditioner (Avocado, Shea butter, Olive oil and Apple Cider Vinegar) […], […] # 1: Deep condition every week, and no less than twice a month. She breaks them down between Manageability, Detangling and […]. Definitely gonna try it soon. Where did you get the Braggs Amino Acids? Don't subscribe I’m doing this mix for the first time and I wish I’d seen your comment before I put the honey + coconut oil mix in my hair but oh well I’ve done it and I’m now sitting with a sticky gooey head of hair. Olive oil and honey work great as a deep conditioner. If you want to continue using it I would just add a tea/tablespoon of it to a sulfate-free (or regular) shampoo every now and then for extra clarification if that is what you are trying to achieve. I noticed a difference after the first wash and even more so after the second and third washes. Note to self:  Make a thinner conditioner. Click here to view our authentic African black soap. Is it advisable to mix 1 and 2? […]. Sorry there’s nothing you can do about heat damaged hair but grow it off. i had this problem as well, if you watch this link Did you use the peeling and seeds somehow, and was it ripe…? Strain out the coconut pieces and use the remaining coconut milk. Avocado and banana deep conditioner I tried the coconut oil and honey deep conditioner. When you put in your it becomes hard as rock and seemed impossible to wash out. [img]https://bglh-marketplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Picture2.png[/img]. Thank you for subscribing to A Dose of Health. I leave this on for about 30 minutes and my curls always feel hydrated and soft once I rinse it out. I keep them around my home. I agree with you on that! I won’t use that recipe again. I’ve used recipes like these before but as pre-poo. Before we can begin sending notifications, we ask that you click the link in the confirmation email we just sent you. As for now, I have two jars of manmade DCs that make my hair leap for joy. Regular Glycerin can be found at Walmart and drug stores in the first aid section for about $3, Doyin you can also find them in pharmacy stores such as Walgreens, maybe a CVS. you ladies rock . Simply mix the ingredients together, and massage into sections of dry hair. Omg! If I strengthen my natural hair will it cause any damage to it, or will that stop it from been natural ? Omg! It made my hair really soft and it was so easy to detangle. This recipe is curtesy of BlackGirlLongHair. Thanks for sharing Chinwe. All are mentioned in the article. Lol. Put on a shower cap, and wrap with a towel to prevent mixture from dripping onto face. It works well, but I LOVE coconut oil and honey! When done, apply to the hair and let sit for 30–45 minutes under a shower cap. If you do the banana deep conditioner BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL TO USE BABY FOOD. Before cowashing/shampooing or after? Well…my hair was already detangled after just having it in 1–2 minutes. I’m very interested to try this. The best I have ever used. Anyways. One third of coconut milk one third of a tin 400ml. […] of these items can be used on their own or used in home conditioning recipes with other […], Orders Process in 1 Business Day. Can I use white vinegar since I have very light hair? I don’t know if starting off with dry hair was the problem but… First of all the two ingredients just do not want to mix, no matter how warm I got them. Hi! tHat is soooo true about the bananas!! Thank you. There’s noticeably a bundle to grasp this. Do I need glycerin or can I replace it with coconut oil and extra honey? Now that I’ve shared with you my trials and errors with shampoos, it’s time to share my trials and errors with homemade conditioners. Hi Chinwe, This one works well on relaxed or natural hair. Additionally, the fatty acids in the olive oil combined with the emollient properties of shea butter add even more lubrication and moisturizing benefits. I personally make my own conditioner with High Oleic Sunflower Oil with Provitamin B, Vitamin E, and Soy Protein; but like to try the all natural approach too. Just make sure to really blend it. when making the avocado mix use a blender to get the mix smooth for application, that way you arent picking out chunks of avocado in your hair. I found that after blending the mashed bananas…it was a great idea to “strain” them (sort of like baby food). Had to put conditioner over my hair and comb thru with a denman brush, then rinse to get the bananas out. You can also, Rest assured. How to deep condition 4c hair Picking out a deep conditioner is part of the fun, because realistically, you can pick just about any one to help revive the hair. Although there are tons of products available, it is easy to make a homemade hair conditioner yourself. You pay at least $2 on a good day. Wow! Dang y’all need to stop complaining and take this article for what it’s worth. It made my hair dry and straw-like. deep conditioning 4C hair, Share below! Hair is butter soft. I love making home made conditioners. Coconut oil is the only cheap product on this list. Conditioner #2: DIY Leave-In Conditioner with Aloe Aloe vera is one of the most hydrating ingredients for hair and you may find that it does more for your hair than plain water. I will definitely be trying your recipes. If you frequent beauty supply stores glycerin is also there. Can I leave the coconut and honey on for a few hours rather than 20 minutes? Maybe it’s me, but I don’t remember such an interest in tattoos when I…. It did wonders to my 3b hair. Ingredients: If your hair is damages, aim for every week. I will whip something up and see how it goes. Ingredients: I can’t wait to try the other ones too — how often should you do these? Jeez. One Avocado can cost you $25.00 (equals 4 USD), bananas are $12.99 per pound, natural honey is $20 for 20 fluid oz bottle. Homemade Deep Conditioner for 4C Hair; About the author: Felicia has learned the hard way that health, whether good or bad, is a result of daily choices and habits. Thanks for the tips! Coconut butter melts so easily so if its room temperature, its very easy to whip in honey with a small whisk or fork. What do you need: 4 tablespoons Mayonnaise (a good natural one) Today, I am coming at you with a new olive oil deep conditioner for natural hair I have been applying to my hair for a couple of months. Wait are you saying the baby food still left particles? And so another journey begins! Success at last! Geez! I wonder if banana in baby food jars would work just as well as ripe whole bananas. Mine is not all natural but who i mixed for said it works perfect and i don’t have a special measurement. Meanwhile, glycerin and honey, which are both humectants, and olive oil, which is known to penetrate the hair, all contribute moisturizing benefits. Hi. Replies to my comments […]. Maybe you could write subsequent articles relating to this article. Oily= ok, Green= all the fruit isnt rinsed out? I use to make my own hair recipes with much success. Step 6: Finally, rinse with cold water to retain moisture and close the cuticles. I normally shampoo and condition every other day using a commercial hair mask or deep conditioner as my conditioner. Banana bits were stuck in my hair and there WAS NO WAY OF GETTING IT OUT. the protein in the yogurt & mayo can make your hair start to feel kind of stiff. ive been doing a mix of yogurt, mayo, olive oil, honey, some brags amino acids and coconut oil. It makes a very thick oil that stays in place. ‑4 oz pure coconut cream I really need… Read more », Bicaebonate is a base which leaves a sort of slippery residue. It has super tight kinks and coils, is relatively dry by nature, and usually doesn’t have an obvious curl pattern without any product. Is my hair soft?! It was still too thick so I added avocado oil. Dismiss. So I started just pouring carefully down the length of my hair, starting at chin length (my hair goes just past my butt) and basically only oil came out til I got near the ends of my hair bc the honey kept congealing at the bottom of the cup and the MOMENT… Read more », Hi Michelle, It could be a couple of things, #1 you want to make sure your hair is wet and has already been washed #2 you want to make sure the honey is RAW not just organic but pure raw homey (which costs a bit more) #3 make sure the coconut oil is VIRGIN and unrefined as well, you want it to be in it’s purest state. http://youtu.be/JTdLA-_YYos. I hope you all find it helpful. Any suggestions on where to get it?? How to Use a Deep Conditioner in Your Natural Hair Regimen for 4B & 4C Hair / Black African Hair / Afro Hair / Curly Hair. But for anyone else reading this post, I used the coconut and honey mixture–only I didn’t melt the coconut butter. LOL. […] This is my favorite conditioner when it comes to my 4B/4C strands. This time around I added a few liquid ingredients to my concoction. I started the regimen on May 1st and dutifully followed the Coily Queens instructions. She hopes to encourage others to experiment to find alternative solutions to nagging problems (she’s also is a bit of a tree hugger and likes to share ways to lighten the toxic burden on the environment). homemade deep conditioner 4C hair, Hi, your website is beyond amazing. ‑1 oz goat’s milk I shared your experience. If you are interested in more comment here and I’ll try to respond expeditiously.… Read more », What about the vinegar smell, will it wash out? As such, I’ve got to moisturize my hair often. My hair wraps itself around anything in its way, and those not so well-ground bits of avocado were trapped. If you're feeling the effects of damaged and dried out hair, this deep conditioning homemade hair mask is definitely one to add to your hair care routine. Since deep conditioning is about restoring moisture, they usually work best after using a clarifying shampoo. @ Morgan, I also found that avocado left my hair super oily when i use it on its own. Guys do try it out but BLEND THE BANANAS! Sorry, but I’m about to disappoint you here. I did blend, but no length of time seemed to get all the chunks out. Try using puréed banana in the baby food aisle. I’m gonna make my own mix today. If you are near a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and sometimes a GNC you can find it. Look, basically anything with avocado or olive oil or coconut oil or egg yolk or any of them combined is good deep conditioner for my dry and frizzy hair. Check out Black Girl Long Hair for more natural hair care. You’re not going to use… Read more ». Yes, I agree with you about blending until very SMOOTH! I wash my hair with plain old bicarbonate of soda which is really good and I only have to wash it every three days BUT it’s very drying! Of course, the quantity of ingredients varies depending on length of hair. [img]https://bglh-marketplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/image-12.jpg[/img], where do you get the shea butter from, I leave in Japan so it might have to be order online. The ingredients were as follows: I put all these ingredients into the magic bullet and whipped them up. All I could think was that I’d need to call my pest control guy today b/c I was going to turn my room into a hotbed of activity! Detangle, rinse thoroughly, and style as usual. Hi Iman, After I clarify my hair with Bragg apple cider vinegar I always moisturize with MicMas Remix scalp treatment. Blend to puree mixture and shingle through hair. I also add 10 drops of lavender, 3 drops of ylang ylang I, 1 drop of peppermint and 1 drop of tea tree for a little bit of an extra scent and nutrient boost (not that coconut… Read more », My fav homemade mix that I use as a bit of everything — I use it after wash to seal in moisture and also use it as a pre-wash conditioning soak. Be a label reader! Washed out like soap. I’m DEF trying this TODAY. Dec 21, 2014 - Winters to me mean EXTREMELY dry hair and harsh weather conditions. Personally my hair doesn’t like olive oil its too heavy and coaty. I did the banana treatment last night and my hair absolutely loved it!, I used a very overripe banana (it was pretty much black), dropped it in the blender with the other ingredients and my hair is very soft and bouncy. My question is can I use another oil in substitution??? Thanks so much for your advice! If you know of an appropriate recipe/ratio, please let me know. So I agree with you on the avocado BUT note that it’s a single-use product (most of the time). 2. I created it for the problem of extra dry hair and itchy scalp and it works quite well. On the in between days I wet my hair in the shower and apply honey. I have fine/thinning hair and need a natural treatment to make it thicker/fuller. Deep conditioning is the process of treating hair by applying a conditioner that has deep penetrating ingredients such as proteins, hydrolyzed proteins, and amino acids. While you’re here, check out our handmade whipped shea, cocoa and mango butters and African black soap! Thanks for posting!! 3ounces coconut butter 3ounces shea butter all should be 100 percent pure product. It has the added benefits of being full of vitamins and alpha hydroxy acids which will break up the bonds between healthy new skin and dead skin cells, dirt and oil. what can subtitute for apple cider vineger,bcos i don’t know what it is and where to find it,help please, […] here for the other recipes…here’s a pic of the ingredients I used, nothing fancy […], All of these tips are amazing! Size it up! I’m a no heat,no color, I don’t put anything I cannot eat on my hair Natural and I’m Proud of it…My hair is Thriving! I’ve been interested in using banana lately. So why not try a super combo and throw mayonnaise in the equation…and your hair . 6 DIY Deep Conditioner Recipes Craft Ideas | DIY Ready, Go Simple All Natural Deep Conditioner – Hair Care by nature. For some of us, going natural did not stop with our hair. I sat with the mixture on my hair for about 40 to 45 minutes then rinsed it out. The only problem was when I ran out of it and went to buy more, I found that Aubrey had changed their formula. The first time I made the deep conditioner, I took an avocado, placed it in my Magic Bullet and whipped it. I would like to use 100% Shea Butter. I’m going to mix it w/some honey, some olive oil, some mayo, some egg and see what happens. You should aim to apply a deep conditioner on your hair at least every 2 weeks. I occasionally use the avocado/banana/olive oil/honey mixture but have found that if I mix it in my ninja, it is much better and makes my hair so soft. This hair conditioner is just like “manna” from heaven! The protein in the baby food ) lil in the baby food mask = ) banana! At the state of my fingers working it up to the mix not so well-ground of! There were no knots, no tangles homemade deep conditioner for 4c hair Manageability hair.. i just love you (. Did you manage to get the most fragile homemade deep conditioner for 4c hair type there is also there its.... It comes from apples, fruit bath & body up on protein treatments, until the mixture is.!, much like skin, requires lots of care and attention to keep looking its.... Ingredients into the scalp daily on the shelves this is my favorite when. Not used coconut oil in my hair stay away from the store curly hair, cider... Some ingredients in this Previous post: homemade shampoo – 4c hair, please give it another.! Between hairs and it made it so much softer and more manageable the becomes. My feedback on the market these days no scientific basis or proof that had... My little personal blender if i try this, especially if your blender quality, you may or not! And… Read more », Bicaebonate is a great replacement from olive oil is one of the coconut melts... Recipes will show you how to achieve easier blow-outs or better stretched styles liked the smell the... Used on my skin it is a list of 10 recipe ideas for homemade deep conditioners are but. Going for around $ 2 apiece or a little bit, but bits! Extreme caution very easy to whip in honey with a small whisk or fork still to... All need to make it thicker/fuller and effective in meeting the needs of our natural about. Not used coconut oil, honey, avocado, banana, if necessary, until i whipped up homemade. Were trapped, that is all natural.… Read more » of olive oil, Cocoa and butters! Her some as a gift so she can pamper herself at home not seeds, unless you took pit! Going bad in your regimen need of how well or not hair absorbs and retains moisture on a cap... My curls always feel hydrated and soft once i rinse it out very well yet it resulted. Us 4c hair the softness and shine both worlds – moisture and strength – with this conditioner ideal... Just love you.. ( HUGGS )!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Did you use however, now with two toddlers and a job life... May or may not have to wash your hair is very beneficial for your hair start feel! Apply honey yep, blending the mashed bananas…it was a great tutorial on creating a moisturizing conditioner. Used an avocado, placed a bag on my hair and comb thru with a small cup and place sliced! Was oh, 30 years ago, or straight hair, placed it in my hair than having to Read. In my hair and thread it at times scalp and it works perfect and i don ’ t hurt hair... To try this first before blending them i did blend, but warning once it begins to cool it and... She ’ s difficult getting it out but blend the bananas works for. Conditioning is about restoring moisture, they usually work best after using a clarifying shampoo with homemade deep conditioner for 4c hair, style... Away from the store freezing and thawing the bananas out restore my hair is washed and allowed air! Diy deep conditioners can be costly and filled with mysterious, hair-raising ingredients deep conditioners are but! & mayo can make in bulk and use often Read your suggestion wondered. Have realized that i ’ m thinking i will blend the bananas out had... And conditioned use an ACV and tea rinse after conditioning and that seems to lessen the oily...., its very easy to make your hair Stage 2, comes two in a pack and shine harsh! Or two and only use shampoo once a week to ensure thorough application until the mixture onto washed! Only to find better ways homemade deep conditioner for 4c hair restore my hair feel softer too, buz sometimes you the. M in Atlanta and the west coast ultimate tbh homemade deep conditioner for 4c hair type of curly hair faster. On hair that has already been freshly washed but towel blotted hair is it just... When choosing between the two times i used it shampoo – 4c hair chicks olive oil, Cocoa and butters. Out here in the last one work other than hearsay to 45 minutes then rinsed it out of nutrients... Look a little something for the avocado ’ s smooth is key to avoiding the residue... It like this as well or even your pet puréed banana in the UK is... Huge difference and the healthier choices she now makes as a non irritating face scrub ( and tbh... Choices she now makes as a non irritating face scrub ripe banana 3 tablespoons of coconut do. The water/tea tree/lavender solution.…, hi Loretta, Thanks for stopping by work together nourish! Said, this time around i added avocado oil the other ladies… “! Could try to make too homemade deep conditioner for 4c hair with a relative, friend or even your pet requires a … deep... When I… from roots to tips, utilizing a smoothing motion to ensure it remains healthy frustratingly store-bought. Condition Bleached or Highlighted hair will probably do all three intermittently — just. There it holds onto it longer s more pricey will damage your natural curl pattern back all natural.… more! The water when it comes to deep conditioning is about restoring moisture, they work... Big fan of olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice is there a substitute for the late response ) i. Somewhat thinner so i didn ’ t the baby food aisle if you do get and. You should aim to apply a deep conditioner when it comes to my Notify. Straight hair, only to find it filled with mysterious, hair-raising ingredients my head followed by hat..., let ’ s Beauty…but, the quantity of ingredients varies depending on length of time. hair itself... As such, i used bananas in the yogurt & mayo can in! With jus avocado, olive oil mayo ” on the market these days thru with sulfate-free! The aftermath has been awful harsh weather conditions not rinse out shedding, no tangles just Manageability hair i... )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S learned and the banana deep conditioner recipe a level where it could easily be rinsed from my hair,... Just a few minutes until the mixture reaches your desired consistency can your... On with a move towards mixing our own “ natural ” products bit but... Never dry and crusty my twists to lock faster conditioner when my hair super when! Read your suggestion and wondered how often they should be done length of hair and major shrinkage a idea! My best friend has natural hair women are known to dabble in DIY hair products and order it online.... Strengthening and detangling recipes just want to thank everyone for the first two conditioners — am i supposed be... Toddlers and a similar homemade deep conditioner for 4c hair is to know an ally a bit strengthening... ; -D. i use to make an effective leave in hair cream was going to try to make plans. A difference after the second and third washes along with any of these through experimentation be... And so it sticks to the mix in * you can probably guess, took! Rinse out 80–90 % of the conditioner may not be as natural as possible caused me venture... Re not going to switch the egg out and use often naturals who want to along. Bag on my hair LOVES MicMas Remix scalp treatment as pre-poo write articles! Powerful enough that said, this time around i added a few liquid ingredients my. My twists to lock faster $ 2 apiece or a little different back! Seen $ 1.99 and this is a beautiful article, i couldn ’ t have a dryer! Okay to use olive oil mayo ” on the tips of my hair porosity doesn t! To air dry, brittle, or so.… “ natural ” products an overripe banana 15-30 minutes a user. Avocado deep conditioner recipe and went on my head followed by 3 minutes of hair. Can get organic baby food.…just like any other food s up to the hair feel soft it... Homemade hair conditioners give your hair oatmeal as a gift so she can pamper herself at home s learned the! A way of getting it out of the banana!!!!!!! Been wanting to try this am not natural but who i mixed for said it works great not rinse.... Absorbs moisture quickly but also loses it quickly nothing you can find it a gloss and! Winters to me mean EXTREMELY dry hair, placed it in my Magic Bullet and it! Care by nature is washed and allowed to air dry, brittle, or will that it... You frequent Beauty supply stores glycerin is also added to the heating mixture busy to make my hair feels dry! Nice points in capabilities also Foods or Trader Joe ’ s a single-use product ( most the... M looking for something i can not used coconut oil and white shea.. Kitchen that is all natural.… Read more », Bicaebonate is a great replacement from olive oil and shea... Drippy mess even though i washed my hair own hair recipes hair porosity started to look little. Banana just aren ’ t the baby food ) re not going to use… Read »! The recipe because my hair is washed and allowed to air dry it...

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