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Also, this destroys other players and diminishes your opportunity of future conquer targets. Do not train spearmen, axemen or paladins. Required fields are marked *, Written by REAL Top Players on the Travian Server. You are willing to use the NPC merchant occasionally. When I say “buy”, I mean you need to send them resources to train phalanxes and have them permanently reinforced in your villages. Each player starts the game as the leader of a small, undeveloped village, surrounded by undeveloped resource fields. So now you know the cranny size is 66. Wähle deine Legende Direkt im Browser SPIELE JETZT in den von uns für Deutschland empfohlenen Spielwelten This Wiki is designed to help guide you through the ancient world of Travian: Kingdoms. Raid your every player in your 21 x 21 and beyond. The Praetorian takes 1,7 times longer to be built than the Gaulish Phalanx. In the following both tribes are compared to the Gauls. März 2015 ging dieses Spiel in die Open-Beta und … There are much more you can find here, such as fancy profile for you ingame profile or some free cool stuff to be downloaded I have been a -good- player. When you have been notified of an attack, immediately ask your scout hammer to scout the attacker. Tired of repetetive work? In the early, infantry dominated stages of the game the Teuton has very little defense to offer. Zumal nicht jeder gerne einen Germanen-Account spielen will. Split your farms into two lists – List A and B. As of writing this, that’s six straight weeks in a row with the top spot being the Silver Robber of the Week (Rank 2). IMPORTANT: Read the Notes at the end of this Page. Rabiater Plünderer, listiger Verteidiger, toller Anführer? Can anyone please send e the link for finding the farms for all indian servers.. 1.11 Quest 11: Reports 1.12 Quest 12: Everything to 1! That means within hours of registering your account. Update your spreadsheet and categorize your farms into four main types:-. In Travian: Legends you can be whoever you want. If you want to be an offensive player, it is recommend to play as a Roman or as a Teuton. Endlich ist es da, das neue Strategiespiele-Browsergame aus dem Hause Travian Games. Also the high durability of the wall and the overall great defensive stats of the Spearfighter might pull you into the direction of the Teuton tribe! You use the % resource bonuses. You should target players from rival alliances. An example of what it should look like:-. The reason is because you will begin to lose troops while raiding, and clubswingers are cheap to replace. After downloading you will be ready to go in under a minute. In within each list, place the hot farms at the top, followed by the normal and poor farms. Poor farms – those that give little resources, usually due to high crannies. The same goes with culture points. 1200 available / 60 = 20 clubs to send, When they return and they brought 1000, the cranny is probably: 1200 – 1000 = 200 / 4 = 50 per good. Over time, you will begin to notice who are the rich farms, who aren’t and who cannot be farmed. As a defender at the start of the game you have 2 options. There are certainly a lot of details like that to take into consideration. The scout hammer should have a high level Tournament Square and ideally located near the border. Click on “Send Troops”. Select the building name to get more information: You can beat the Robber Hideouts and Camps more efficiently than others, because you can raid them with you hero and a massive amount of Clubswingers. Es gibt viele Anfangsstrategien, die auch in unzähligen Threads hier bereits durch diskutiert werden, wie optimale Germanen-/Römer-/Gallier- oder sonst-was-Starts. This system works based on the attack reports. They should be split by travel time. Contests. Still the Gaul is a very good class for a defensive or hybrid playstyle (even if you are very active). 29 May 2019 #1; Hello folks. Take note of 2 population players and attack the moment their protection expires. Collectively, all nine squares make up your 21 x 21 grid. A warning that overuse of this method will result in barren lands all around you, until there are no nearby villages to conquer. Every single tribe in Travian: Kingdoms has its own strengths and a justified place in the game. Leave as blank if unknown. Welcome to Travian: Kingdoms Wiki!! In Travian 3.5, he ideally should be a Roman because the Equites Legati is cheap, fast and consumes only one crop with the Horse Drinking Trough. Please comment any requests or feedback These buildings are available for villages of all tribes. Looking for a recent Ghost Hammer guide When I google Ghost Hammer there is a post from 2009, so I was wondering if there were more guides that go more in depth. Beğeni 154 Mesaj 244. Other tribes are not so lucky because their scout is trained in the stable. Travian 3.0-3.6 (3x speed) Travian 3 & T4 (1x speed) Travian 4 (3x speed) Travian 4 (8x speed) 1 0 0 0 0 2 500 2000 500 200 3 2600 8000 2600 1000 4 6700 20000 6700 2500 5 12900 39000 12900 4900 6 21600 65000 21600 8100 7 32900 99000 32900 12300 8 46900 141000 46900 17600 9 63700 191000 63700 23900 10 83500 251000 83500 31300 11 106400 319000 At this stage, a lot of players around you are still under beginner’s protection. Also the anti-cavalry unit of the Romans, the Legionnaire, has very average stats for a defensive unit and has to be produced in separate villages as it’s also an infantry unit. Place List A at the top, followed by List B. Periodically monitor your surroundings by browsing around your map. Embassy - COM2. Ein Paradies für Strategieexperten. Then finish mill to 5, and do bakery to lvl2 Embassy - Trick. ×2 the most efficient order of resource buildings development factories: fields The double Cranny size makes you less interesting to opposing attackers and farmers and helps you to get enough resources to build Settlers. (Especially Teutons need a higher activity!) Before all else, you must get a scout, because it will increase your raiding efficiency many times over. In this section the focus isn't on activity but on the actual troop and tribe advantages of the different three tribes. The limiting factor here is the building time. Base training time spent per offensive point. You don’t want to destroy everybody until there is no one left to conquer. If you speed build everything that takes too much time, you can ignore this advantage, however even if you only speed build very specific buildings the Roman rewards you, as you can instantly finish 3 buildings at once (instead of 2). Travian Plus is recommended (helps for the queueing and checking how long things take to build) and, again %resource bonuses are mandatory for the expectations of this guide. In the later stages of the game the Roman tribe cancels out its slight infantry disadvantages by superior cavalry units with the help of the Horse Drinking Trough. Normal farms – gets attacked twice a day – morning and night. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Travian Kingdoms is a strategy game and there is more than one strategy that leads to success. You need to send 9 clubswingers. – The cranny size. It has been holding fanatics of simulation mini games from all around the globe in its grasp for around ten years. Username: This name already exists or has not allowed chars. In Travian: Kingdoms a hero item lets you dodge a small troop amount with your hero. Later in the game you can also use axeman and TKs. Travian Detailed Romans Guide by Tinasilna. The additional Cranny-dip of the Teuton Hero offers, gives you a little edge in macro farming, however the usefullness of this bonus highly depends on your surroundings. Die Reichtümer eures Königreichs werden in der Schatzkammer aufbewahrt. You need to update your spreadsheet along the way by scouting after a raid. Then subtract the cranny protection and calculate how many clubs you need to send. 1.10 Quest 10: Coming Soon! And use axemen as your offensive army. This DOES NOT mean that you should spy on your own alliance attack reports and steal from your teammates. Assuming that there is remaining 66 resources of wood, clay, iron and crop. When you have been notified of an attack, immediately ask your scout hammer to scout the attacker. At this stage, my list drops off to less than 100 farms. Now that you have your second village, you will need to raid from both villages. This way, the raids are continuous, round the clock. The scout hammer should have a high level Tournament Square and ideally located near the border. Start with those closest to you. Trade route allows you to set up routes for your merchant that he will walk every day at a certain hour. This will increase your raiding efficiency many times over because the main problem at this stage is a shortage of troops. The guide is split between a section for less active and a section for more active players to adress both groups and everybody inbetween. automate Kingdoms A. The richest farms are villages in the 500 to 600 population. Combined with a prior scouting this can cause a lot of fear and damage in opposing players and alliances. How far should you raid? If you also want to be aggressive in the early, infantry dominated, stages of the game and want to have a lot of fighting action going on, the Teuton offers an advantage by having fast produced and cheap infantry. Three Reasons To Believe What I Say. Embassy - COM5. The kingand his dukes share information about troops in the villages, battle reports and the actual crop production. You can either play as a personal defender (PD) or a defender for your alliance. TRAVIAN - The Multiplayer Strategy Browser Game r/ travian. Players can add their own strategies and insights as well. Most players who chose Teutons as their tribe either wanted the explosive start and the aggressive early game or were not aware of the fact that the Clubswinger is not more resource efficient than the rest of the infantry anymore. Use the farm finder to search for farms. Not all players make good farms, so don’t try to farm players who continually cause you losses. Your raiding numbers will vary depending on which stage of the game you’re at. In Travian: Kingdoms the Romans Legionnaires got a great cost reduction and can also be used quite effectively to farm in the early game, however they get outclassed by a lot, as so as the Romans “real” farming unit is available to you. Below is a list of buildings from Travian. Ferocious Teutons, tough Romans and crafty Gauls will be on your side - or in your way. Around this time, you should have around 200 farms in your list. r/travian: This subreddit is dedicated to the browser game Travian. So that makes 500 / 60 = 8.33. Travian Kingdoms takes place in an ancient world. And finally, the end of the world after several months of competition. It does have some other interesting benefits, like auto-evade for your capital . This guide will help you to get your settlers running as fast as possible, with absolutely minimum effort put into the account and its development. As a duke you have an option to convert one of your hidden treasuries into active state. The main problem with a Teuton defender comes with the defensive cavalry unit, the Paladin. Hot farms – gets attacked 3 or more times a day – in the morning, afternoon and night, and whenever I’m free. On average, you will have your second village around the 19th day. Raiding is an important part of the game and I’m going to assume you already understand that. Reason One: I finished my last server as … You will use the Travian Plus link feature to create and organize your farm lists. Send only 1 scout at a time. I will however extract the substance of raiding in the early game. This opportunity is perfect for you if you're an ex-travian player tired of the soul-sucking grind that this game tends to be at times. For the Gauls and the Romans, the Equites Imperatoris and the Theutates Thunder are the units of choice to generate a good farming income. To ease the workload, you can activate Travian Plus. Use the correct troop type to farm. Use your catapults and destroy all their croplands and granary. I have never done that but stealing from rival alliances is a must do. The first raid consists of TKs. In addition, the high defense bonus of the Roman wall and the fact, that Roman heroes get a higher strength bonus (100 Str instead of 80 Str per spent point) makes them strong defenders in the early to mid-game. In the following guide some thoughts about the playstyles and advantages of the three different Tribes in Travian: Kingdoms that can be choosen among. If it dies, then don’t scout that player anymore and don’t raid that player either. Raid them ten times a day if necessary. Gold at the end of server. НачалоЛоббиПомощь и поддержкаИгровой интерфейсЗащита новичковГерцогиКоролевстваНароды и ПриродаГеройДействия войскАльянсыТайные сообществаРазбойникиАукционТорговцы и рынокФункции золотаПеренос золотаДеревня или городРесурсные поляЗданияОсобые зданияВойска римлянВойска германцевВойска галловИсследования войскОбучение войскПараметры войскСтоимость восстановления герояСнаряжениеУпотребляемые предметы, Imprint | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy © 2004 - 2020 Travian Games GmbH All Rights Reserved. For T4 quests, see tasks (t4). A set of travian kingdoms tools to help you master the game. When you’ve settled your first village, and once you have your clubswinger army built up in there, its time to move to the next stage. Do not judge players by their population size. The Only Travian Strategy Guide written by REAL Top Players that guides you step-by-step with proven Tips, Tricks, Tactics & Strategies You Need to Take On & Dominate the Competition. Continue to build your army and raid actively. In this thread I will explain in short, how to properly use TravianPlus Farm List. Later when you have multiple villages, raid anywhere up to a distance of 4 hours plus with Paladins. A site which present hints, tips, guides, scripts and graphic packs for Travian (online browser game). This post is the final part of a series of guides intended to help beginners discover the immense world of Kingdoms and massively multiplayer strategy. Follow this guide step by step and you will be able to send out your settlers on day 7, or day 8 tops. List A contains all the farms that you will raid from your first village, and List B are those that you will raid from your second village. GUIDE FOR DEFENDERS. Send a minimum of 2 troops. Guides. Do not worry about retaliation and do not worry about their village size. In summary :-6 cropper produces 1800 crop 9 cropper produces 2700 crop Its better to make friends with such players. I almost always end up being on rank 5 cause I was al over the place. Sorry for the bad commentary, I'll improve for next time. You will find that sending so many raids is a very time consuming task. Another raiding system is to use continuous raids. In the shown categories the Theutates Thunder and the Haeduan both get beaten by their Roman and Teuton counterparts. If you like, you can even place a short commentary. As a guideline, any village below 250 population can be safely scouted. Attacks are sent to as far as nine hours (one way). Then this example doesn’t work. In Travian: Kingdoms, if you are an advanced farmer and have a solid resource production you often will have enough resources to upgrade multiple things (while probably also producing units). Still I want to encourage you to try the defensive Teuton, as it is a very unusual and exotic choice and cavalry defense get more important in the middle and late stages of the game. Embassy. 1 T3.6 Quests 1.1 Quest 1: Woodcutter 1.2 Quest 2: Wheat 1.3 Quest 3: Your village's name 1.4 Quest 4: Other players 1.5 Quest 5: Two Building Orders 1.6 Quest 6: Messages 1.7 Quest 7: Neighbors 1.8 Quest 8: Huge Army 1.9 Quest 9: One each. These are the exact raiding strategies I use and it has consistently gotten me the Top Robber of the week for many straight weeks now. At this point the whole efficient farming turns into more of a self-sustainment farming where the Clubswingers often won’t return much more than the amount of wheat they ate during their journey. Three Reasons To Believe What I Say. Another interesting choice would be to play a defensive hybrid Gaul and with a lot of fun with your personal Theutates Thunder striking force while providing defense to other players with the rest of your troops. Ferocious Teutons, tough Romans and crafty Gauls will be on your side - or in your way. Travian Kingdoms Blog 2020 Vega Wordpress Theme by LyraThemes By using our site, you accept the use of cookies to make your visit more pleasant, to offer you advertisements and contents tailored to your interests, to allow you to share content on social networks, and to create visit statistics for website optimisation. In Travian 3.5, he ideally should be a Roman because the Equites Legati is cheap, fast and consumes only one crop with the Horse Drinking Trough. So when your offense army is away cata’ing some player, your farming continues uninterrupted. Hey thanks for the great advice, New server starting tommorow ill be signing up as a Teuton (for the first time) and trying out your raiding advice. In the center, the red square is your immediate 7 x 7 grid. When you’ve finished recording your 7 x7, expand your coverage and record every village in your 21 x 21 map grid. Travian Kingdoms: Das Dorfaufbau-Browsergame Könige regieren im Online-Aufbauspiel . An illustration of your 21 x 21 grid is shown on the left. For normal servers the sequence begins after about 280 days, and for Speed3x servers,it starts after about 80 days. Resources spent per infantry defensive point: This means resource wise Spearfighter offer cheaper infantry defense than Paladins, which shows how below average the Paladins defensive stats are. The title ” How To Raid Like A Top Robber | Travian Strategy Guide ” really caught my eye . You raid all day long. Once you have more than 1 village, th… Also do not worry about any alliance status. This post is part of a series of guides intended to help beginners discover the immense world of Kingdoms and massively multiplayer strategy. Actually you dont have to send the scout again after your first raid. Village specialization allows you to optimize resource investment. The most common mistake newbies make is they research the spearman, the paladin and what not, but they ignore the scout. This calls for some new drastic measures to keep up my raiding frenzy. This can only be done from mid game onwards due to the large number of troops required. It's not recommend for lesser active players to choose Teutons, as they don´t bring any defensive or economic advantages with them. In less than 1,5 hours Theutates Thunders can reach any target that’s not further away than 28 fields. Guides. This forces the troops to travel at different speeds, and hence they will land at different times. If the Roman player next to you produces 6000 resources per hour more in his villages than you do, he is still ahead of you in total income, without moving a finger for it. Use this to indicate number of raiders to send, – The most important column. I characterize the Early Game as the stage where you have only one village. Create the links to each of your farms. Start with your 7 x 7 grid. Still their speed and their carrying capacity puts them far ahead of all the other units. Unlike many other perpetually running online games, Travian Kingdoms’ worlds are limited in duration and also feature a victory condition to be contested. Von da an liegt es allein in deiner Hand. Your email address will not be published. Romans generally do not suffer from the problem of having too expensive units (see the tables above). Both are very expensive compared to the Clubswinger and much more sensible to losses. ShagIvan - Travian Biggest Offense Army - Bulgarian Speed Server (Era 11) - Duration: 5:05. Avoid Travian Kingdoms hack cheats for your own safety, choose our tips and advices confirmed by pro players, testers and users like you. As you found more villages, it becomes critically important to give them a specialized focus – learn about defensive, offensive and support villages, and start growing your own “hammer”. Assuming there’s a total of 500 resources in the village. Jordaniel13 24,229 views. For starters, there are plenty of farms near you, but never hesitate to raid someone in your 21 x 21 radius. This will tell you the cranny size. Paladins however can be sent to long distances and only to safe farms. Raiding is for profit. Kingdoms Community. Außer Residenz baun bleibt uns nicht mehr viel übrig. At this stage of the game, they probably do not have resources to train troops for you, so you need to “buy” from them. For Teutons, you should maintain at minimum 1000 clubswingers for farming. There are certainly a lot of details like that to take into consideration. KIV farms – they are monitored from time to time and from experience, KIV farms can become hot farms later on as some of them give up playing. There are three types of villages in Travian :-6 cropper. Please contact the Support. With the use of the Brewery (which brings some disadvantages with it) the Teutons are nearly able to compete with the quality and the production time of the Roman cavalry! If you are a good raider and know how to optimize account growth and the speed of settlement, this can lead to the most explosive starts a player can have in Travian: Kingdoms. As the leader of a local tribe, your mission is to create a better future for your people. And your farms disappear along with it. Lesser active players might often face resource overflows. Something goes wrong. Despite the facts that it can be a decent raiding unit, the Paladin is just a much weaker and much slower version of the Gaulish Druidrider. This is covered in detail under “Part 2 – The Early Game”. Send in the exact number of clubs needed to do a clean sweep. I have never been. Normal farms – those that give you some resources. A duke is a governor in the kingdom, who has been granted some special privileges. And daily average raid is around 1 million resources, so raiding alone increases my daily income by almost 50 percent. The Spearfighter is considered to be a weak anti-infantry defense unit, however if you want to build resource efficient anti-infantry defense it is still better to build Spearfighters instead of Paladins. Let’s jump right into it. A word of caution is that you will receive all kinds of messages asking you to stop. I don?t know if best practices have emerged around things like that, but I am sure that your job is clearly identified as a fair game. Overall, if you want to build defensive infantry and defensive cavalry units the Gaulish tribe offers a better mix.

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