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Statista expects growth of up to 29.5 billion (USD) in the Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) market for 2020. The use of mobile phones has skyrocketed. It’s the same spiel every year. VR won’t just stay in the gaming and education branches. He sees the same branding, structure, information and tone. 01 Oct 2019 • 11 min read. I know what you’re thinking. But with the rise of intelligent speakers that “live with us” and save every voice command, the topic data security gets more important than ever! Big players like Apple follow this hype. It wouldn’t be bold to say that the number one trend of modern design is context. If you want to achieve best mobile app design, you should watch out for the top UI/UX trends and keep your users up to date. In the last decade, we’ve all gotten used to multiple screen sizes and compatibility across devices. Everybody is quick to follow the same suite as the giant, In 2020, we would expect apps to move towards lighter and simpler aesthetic approach. In particular, the NYT VR app turns standard journalism into an immersive experience by placing readers directly into news stories and subject matters. UX designers pay more attention to the needs of people with disabilities and optimize user experiences employing emerging technologies. If it’s well thought out and thought through, it brings a break from the stress of modern life and the information and design overload. Let’s take a look at the latest 2020 trends in UI designs that will rule the mobile app industry. Below we will take a closer look at the new trends that have been characterizing mobile UX design in 2020. Integrating Smart AI-powered digital assistants and voice-based inputs into your apps will provide opportunities for designers to take the UX to the next frontier. 5 Reasons, Under Pressure From Sanctions And Lawsuits, Huawei Sells Mobile Business Unit, Honor, Amazon Launches Inferentia, A Computing Chip To Enhance Accessibility To Its Services, Apple Unveils The MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, All Powered By Its M1 Own M1 Chip, How To Establish If Exchange Server Is Unavailable, Learn How To Restore SQL Database Components With Or Without Backup, Code Signing Certificates: Key Points One Should Consider Before Getting One And How to Get One, The Next Big Thing In Mobile UX: Trends To Watch Out In 2020, a rapidly growing implementation of chatbots, Facebook Is Shutting Down Gifts To Focus On Its Buy Button And Commerce Platform, iOS 11.4.1’s ‘USB Restricted Mode’ Will Block Law Enforcement From Using USB Devices To Crack Device Passcodes, Here’s How To Counter Unfair Online Reviews, Botnet Attack Takes Out Liberia’s Internet Service As Attackers Threaten UK Companies And Security Researchers. The idea is that by simplifying UX and minimizing friction, you can help users to make better choices for their security. Home Mobile Phones Android 10 Hot Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends In 2020. 3D graphics will also land into the list of top UI/UX trends to consider in 2020. Virtual reality is far from new. UX Trends 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 About 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016. Statista expects a growth of up to $29.5B (2020). As an app designer, you want your users to identify and authenticate securely while maximizing their usage and enjoyment of the product. It prefers a dynamic and engaging design with emotional meaning. The benefits of voice input are incontestable. UI/UX Design; Mobile UX Trends for 2020 that You Can’t Miss. The realm of UX is continually evolving, and the latest things are coming into play over time. Nowadays, mobile phones are designed without borders and with edge screens. But the impact goes far beyond that. }, +  2  =  5 .hide-if-no-js { Great products do less, but better. With the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 coming up soon, we will also see a rise in the use of custom-made graphics. What Does ‘Low-Code’ Mean For The Future Of App Development? What will be the next big thing in the user interface design in 2020? A mobile app design that is backed by various user analysis data is referred to as a data-driven design. Don’t know what AI is? So informing users that they are at risk without completing certain procedures is not the way to go if you want to build strong lasting relationships with them. Smart systems like Google Home, Siri for Apple and Alexa are already known, but the number of these systems is growing rapidly. Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments! display: none !important; This trend is expected to sell like hot cakes in the next year. Times have been rapidly changing. With screen space freed, product designers can provide users with more information. This does also alter the GUI. In the coming year, we expect to see a rise in the practice of creating a more satisfying and memorable experience for the users. Voice Input is not just “trendy” and “nice to have”, it can really improve your life. As per the Bloomberg report, as well as a report from Kuo, they are already working on an AR headset that could be produced in Q4 2019 and ready to sell in 2020. Therefore, an attractive font holds immense significance, never failing to make its place in the list of UI trends. It wouldn’t be bold to say that the number one trend of modern design is context. Animations and 3D graphics will be the center of attraction for an app. Passionate hobby dancer. In 2020 it is expected that the average number of connected devices will rise to 6.58 per person. A new UX trend for 2020 improves the mobile user experience by completely eliminating the use of buttons across mobile apps. You can send in a post to be reviewed and published to, Amitruck, The Kenyan Based Logistics Marketplace Says It Has Experienced Massive Growth In One Year, Motoqaa, The Kenyan Ride-hailing Company Launches A Peer-to-Peer Digital Network, Nigeria Based Real Estate Startup SESO Expands Its Services To Ghana And South Africa, MTN Upgrades Its Fintech Platform MoMo To Attain The Possibilities Of Its Objectives, Verizon Partners With Microsoft On Edge Computing Services. Buttons can be replaced with gesture interactions which makes the content the center of attention. display: none !important; 0. Soon, the advancement of 5G will spill over to how we design our websites, mobile apps etc in a positive way. Bitcoin Trading – Here Are 4 Major Things to Keep in Mind! Multiple layers, shadows and floating elements. Giving a user the ability to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions and becomes part of a virtual world. A blog about app User Experience by UXCam. 15. And in 2020, like most modern UX design trends, mobile app personalization would be taken to greater heights. © Copyright 2019. Augmented Reality (AR) is about fusing the real world and virtual reality. Minimalistic design doesn’t have to be boring. As an app designer, you want your users to identify and authenticate securely while maximizing their usage and enjoyment of the product. One of the most prominent trends of 2020 will be Voice-Based Search. Source: LegendOfVinnyT . We played the game and we loved it, don’t judge us. The first thing you come across when you open any website or application is the font. You may think that data security is an old hat, nothing new, nothing special. Sure, User Experience involves the design of the User Interface, too. Five? And UI changes the most in the mobile industry, which also affects other sectors of the industry. Till date User Experience Design has been largely restricted to Natur… PwC said that in one test, 27% of its customers were unsure if their last customer experience was with a human or a chatbot. And now, let’s take a closer look to the mobile UI design trends that will dominate in 2020. Dark Themes The state of mobile web in 2020: we talk about changing our users’ lives, but can’t push back on that pop-up request. They see the same branding, structure, tone, and information. I think that is wrong. Also, users will demand more of 3D designs and marketing content to enjoy a vivid, fresh, and engaging experience. My favourite trend which is coming (or partly already there) is the minimalistic UI design. Trends come and go, especially in the fast-moving mobile market. Unitellas Partners With Israel’s Zadara To Create The Availability Of Cloud Storage-As-A-Service, Microsoft’s Underwater Datacentre Dubbed Project Natick Retrieved After Two Years, Huawei CFO Extradition Case Might Continue For Years As The Case Has No Potential Of Wrapping Up, Here’s A Detailed Step By Step Guide To Buying Bitcoin, Top 5 Technology Trends For Your E-commerce Website. How many different mobile devices do you have? As it makes life simpler, even for people with disabilities. To make things simple, we are putting together a yearly prediction of mobile UX trends. Mobile app design trends 2020 surprise us with entirely new approaches to user experience. Top UX Trends in 2019-2020 for Mobile Apps. For catching a Pokemon in the game, we turn on our camera which goes into AR mode and we see the Pokemon sitting in our room, on the street or wherever we are. During my research concerning VR, I’ve found a very interesting thing – a kind of therapy – which was really fascinating for me. So instead of asking for passwords, apps are moving towards Biometric authentication. These colours are rare in natural environments and therefore are commonly used to give mobile apps futuristic and techy looks. 2019 is almost over and it’s time to cast a cautious glance onto which trends are coming up for 2020 and beyond. That’s a given. With the growing number of devices per person, and the tendency to use different devices simultaneously, a seamless user experience becomes more and more important. Of course, the user interface (UI) design is essential to UX, so which UI approach will dominate the market this year? Three? It should be designed in a way that the user can’t tell the differences between the real world and the CR reality. Whereas the bottom navigation bar has been … Trends come and go, especially in the fast-moving mobile market. Top 14 Mobile App UI/UX Trends 1. COVID-19: IATA, The International Aviator Launches A Contactless “Travel Pass” App, 10 Best Mobile App Ideas For The Startups In 2020, Apple And Amazon Still Haven’t Joined The French Initiated “Tech for Good Call”, Europe Expects Biden To Be Decisive On International Digital Tax Policies By March Of 2021, Why Laptops Are Getting More And More Expensive? A Short Intro. It is of great help to Blind people as it removes the need for text-based input. You’re maybe wondering about the difference between AR and VR. Logging in to an app or a product is not exactly fun. Today design development doesn’t begin from a designer drawing good-looking and elegant buttons and fields on the website. So, which among the aforementioned trends you are excited about. October 21, 2019, by Annemarie Bufe. But everything there is so well organized that you can promptly reach the desired food and head for the checkout. UI and UX trends in 2020 and beyond will be dominated by the word "SPEED" as part of the 5G revolution. Augmented Reality (AR) is about merging the real world and virtual reality. It also doesn’t matter if he visits the website or the offline shop. There are top 14 trends which we will cover here. Why Elon Musk’s Brain Will Change The Future…, Mobile Marketing: Advantages and Disadvantages, The Ultimate Guide to Mobile App KPIs in 2020, Top 10 Analytics Tools for Mobile in 2020 (updated), 5 Usability Testing Tools Every UX Designer Should be Using. Text based inputs and clicking or tapping buttons is kind of “old”. Rather than trying to grab user attention with loud elements. UX trends of 2020. Some of the social media apps that already use AR filters to enhance the experience: In the next year, we expect more AR-enabled apps locking horns to capture the most user base. Various new opportunities and challenges have been hitting our doors. Prompting. Let us assume that you go to a new Walmart that you have never been to. You might have heard of the dark mode, it is a move away from the conventional white-dominant backdrop for most mobile apps. Feel free to comment! Want To Grow Your Small Business? 2019 is almost over and it's time to cast a cautious glance onto which trends are coming up for 2020 and beyond. The appearing trend in UX Data security is usability, ‘If it’s not usable, it’s not secure’. The 5G race has officially begun. Not only does Dark Mode conserve battery by making the pixels fire less brightly, but it also reduces eye strain on the user. Trends come and go, especially in the fast-moving mobile market. The article will give you a glimpse of what all UI/UX practices and trends will rule this year, and how you can employ them for getting better app success rates. Symbols, icons, some selected colors, not too colorful and not too shrill. Source: fredbenenson . It also doesn’t matter if the user visits the website or the offline shop. The user doesn’t enter a new world but he can interact with digital content in the real world. Vital Statistics About Mobile App UX Industry The mobile app industry is expected to hit $188.9 billion in revenue by 2020. The mobile app industry is expected to hit $188.9 billion in revenue by 2020. 2019 is almost over and it's time to cast a cautious glance onto which trends are coming up for 2020 and beyond. Full-screen Smartphones. We intend to use these UI trends not only to satisfy users’ aesthetic requirements but also to provide them with a high level of usability. MarketAndMarkets expects an even greater growth from $7.9 billion (USD) in 2018 to 44.7 billion (USD) in 2022.

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