Yarn: HaldeCraft HandDyed Lois Pattern: Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure Started: 11/2/14 Finished: 11/25/15 Notes: With God as my witness (holds up turnip to sky, a la Scarlett O’Hara), I will never make this pattern again. All that stockinette, in sock weight yarn, on a hat… almost broke me.

Ragna Cap

Yarn: HaldeCraft HandDyed Windling Pattern: Ragna Cap by Elsebeth Lavold Started: 7/2/14 Completed: 7/9/14 Notes: I’d wanted to knit this hat for years, but kept getting sidetracked. I burned through it because it was immense fun, and in a yarn that feels divine. Then I donated it to a charity auction, where …

C’s Hat

Yarn: HaldeCraft HandDyed Tepper Pattern: — Started: 5/23/14 Completed: 5/28/14 Notes: The nicest lady at my crazy post office asked for a hat. She wants a hat that will accommodate her very long dreadlocks, but she doesn’t want wacky colors. Making up the pattern as I go along.

Juniper Windows

Yarn: Perhaps Today is a Good Day to Dye in “Grey Gardens” Pattern: One that I wrote up and just released – Juniper Windows. (I mentioned it previously here). Notes: This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download. Juniper Windows is a fun hat with a cabled pattern I’ve wanted …