In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room

Let’s start the year off with a sale!

For the entire month of January, get 20% off your $30 or more purchase of anything in the Tiki Collection (I’ve also added the coconut tumbler from the Monkey Fart crate to that collection for the sale, so, bonus!).

That’s right – you spend $30 or more in that collection, and you automagically get 20% off your purchase of those pieces! $36 becomes $28.80! $40 becomes $32! $48 becomes $38.40! You spend 80% of the cost but I send you 100% of the item. WHAT A BARGAIN.

You can view the Tiki Collection here, and there are no coupons or discount codes – it’s automatically calculated in your cart. Sold out items will not be restocked. This sale runs from now through the end of January!

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