Whatcha watchin?

Oh, shoot, I just remembered that someone Facebook messaged me the other night right before I went to sleep, about a custom order. I hate when I forget things like that, but man, Facebook, you do not make it easy for a girl! It’s not like I keep Facebook Messenger open all day like I do email, so I can keep an eye on it to remind myself of what has and hasn’t been answered. Sigh. (Note to self: go through Facebook Messenger when you get over to the studio today!)

A completely unrelated photograph other than my hair is just as crazy and I’m also drinking coffee as I post this….

So far catching up on computer things in the evening is working for me -it helps that there’s a lot of dumb TV on right now. Have you seen the new Nancy Drew series? Or the pre-Jason Bourne show, Treadstone? If you haven’t, don’t bother. The only thing the Nancy Drew series has in common is a few character names, and Treadstone is starring so many white men with beard stubble that I can’t tell them apart (but that’s ok, it has about as much plot development as a porn flick and dialogue is really just used to set up the next fight). Even 9-1-1, which used to have the most delightfully bananas stories, is getting just unbelievable. Yes, I am totally down for a baby in a pipe in the wall… having a bit of a harder time with a tsunami wiping out a very specific and small part of a beach. And don’t even get me started on The Walking Dead. I mean really what the hecking heck?! Chris Hardwick’s after-show is the best part of the WD universe right now.

We have seen a few good things, though. We were able to track down the Deadwood Movie, and it was lovely to see and hear. Like fucking Shakespeare. I just signed us up for the CBS streaming app (yes, they lured us back in with Picard) and we’ve caught the first few episodes of a new show called Evil; it’s like… the X-Files, but no aliens and more serial killers and religion. Plus, a surprise Clark Johnson, from Homicide: Life on the Street! I’m totally on board for that one.

Speaking of being on board, I finally didn’t drop out of a season of American Horror Story after the third episode, and I am cautiously on board with it now. Maybe I just needed the right season? I started with last season, Apocalypse (after giving up on both the first season and … third season? Coven?), and as I mentioned the other day, it is charmingly, completely, nuts. I may go back and watch the rest… it’s good treadmill viewing.

OK, clearly this turned into a TV-centric post and not just a random ramble like I thought it would! Hopefully tomorrow or the next day I’ll feel like writing about one of those virtual races, and/or some fitness/exercise things. I have a lot of blathering to do about those topics as well.


  1. I’ve been struggling with what to watch lately, myself. I plowed through Carnival Row and don’t know what to watch next – it can’t be anything too dark or serious because I am dealing with enough of that in my own life now. But I can’t stand most prime time comedy shows, either.

    So, mostly, I’ve just been playing shows I’ve watched before over and over just for background while I knit.

    • Ooo, what did you think of Carnival Row? I haven’t heard that much about it, so was wondering if it was worth it.

      I hear you on the watching (listening to) things I’ve seen before. Give me a good Star Trek Voyager marathon, or the Aliens movies, and I can get a lot of painting done!

      Do you like mysteries? There’s a really lovely show but I’m not sure how to tell you to find it, I caught it on PBS. It’s called “Rosemary and Thyme” and it’s two older/retired British women who solve mysteries as they landscape old British homes and castles. It’s funny, it’s sweet, it has a great female friendship, and none of the mysteries are really dark and gross, like on CSI or Criminal Minds.

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