Are you ready for next week’s HaldeCraft update?

So much is coming in that in order to not miss anything, you’re getting a blog post today about what’s coming… then starting Monday I’ll sprinkle in a couple each day, and this time next week I’ll do a recap post (that I promise won’t be a copy/paste of this teaser post, haha). So… buckle up, y’all! HERE WE GO.

There was a soap update, I think last week, and there will be another one Monday – you can find all newly restocked soaps here when they happen.

Monday will see the August Mug of the Month, the Van. I think I’ll have five of them available (pre-orders sold out a week or two ago).

Honeycombs! I’m still working out the mugs (I think I’ve found a good design that is easy to drink out of and reflects the vibe of honeycombs. While you’ll be able to find individual pieces in the kitchen/dining room section, or mugs, when I get them, there will also be a Honeycomb Collection page. (Stay tuned for a second version coming this Fall, too, with bees.)

Planters! The llama planters aren’t ready yet, but there will be a couple of new awesome planters here in the Gardening/Planter section.

Skulls! Same as with the honeycombs, you’ll be able to find individual pieces in the kitchen/dining room section, or mugs, but there will also be a Skull Collection page.

Magnets! The magnet section will see a big overhaul, and everything that will switch out next week isn’t even all of the new ones yet!

And lest you think I forgot the yarnies, there will be some updated One Hit Wonders (yay!). The picture above are the current One Hit Wonders, that I put up a little over a week ago – I won’t show you the new picture until I update the listing Monday. Muhuwahaha!

Whew! Are you excited?! Are you looking forward to next week? Can you even wait that long?!

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