WiP Wed (06/26/19)

Shop Elf came out to the studio yesterday (it usually comes on Thursdays) so I’m a little convinced today is Friday… but it’s not! It’s Wednesday! And that means we talk about What’s In Progress.

WiP Wednesday started off as a weekly conversation prompt over in my Ravelry group. I hear Ravelry has been in the news lately? Hahaha. ANYWAY. Whether you’re a knitter, crocheter, weaver, spinner, even another yarn dyer… come join us over there in our group – the absolutely most amazing group has sprung up around HaldeCraft there. Everyone is so caring, so generous with their time and knowledge, so supportive of each other… I think of everyone in that group as a friend and I’ve seen some truly humbling acts of kindness spring up there.

So, what am I working on this week?

In ceramics, YOU GUYS. I can not accurately get across how much fun ceramics are for me right now. I’m doing a lot of slab work, and I know I say this every week but it’s so much like play I can’t even. It’s so fun, and I can’t wait to get to the glazing stage so that I have finished things to show you!

In soap, not much is happening because I can’t make soap and dye yarn at the same time (dye particles get in the soap and while that’s not dangerous, it does… pepper the soap with little specks of color from whatever I’m dyeing). But I have a huge long list of restocks to make, and I’m probably going to have to fight with my distributor about buying some more supplies soon. Remember how I checked and the cost had gone up about $15? It’s gone up another $4. I’m thrilled, y’all. THRILLED.

In yarn, it is One Hit WonderPalooza around here. I finally got around to deciding what to do with a whole lot of yarn that hadn’t sold. I’d been sitting on this bin, trying to choose between bringing it to events as sale yarn (for which I can never seem to make room in the car) or what… “what” being sort of undefined. I decided to scrap all of it and overdye it all, which means I have, like, a good 30 skeins AT LEAST of One-Hit Wonders drying on my racks right now. I’ll be listing them on the site here and there, and any that don’t sell will of course come to Fiber-In with me.

In knitting, I’m about to finish up a pair of socks in a skein of Colinette yarn that I deep dug out of my stash. One is almost finished, and one just needs the heel and cuff. Yay!

In Patreon, I’ll be putting a bonus story up on Sunday, for Patrons who are Comets and above. I’m having a little trouble with it, though — my characters are arguing with me. I’m trying to write 6000 words about how Tashi and Jess met, but Tashi’s view of the incident are different than Jess’s view, and each one of them wants me to tell their story. I hope I don’t wind up with, instead, 3000 words from Tashi and then another 3000 words from Jess about the same incident but from a different POV. Characters! Who knew they could argue with you about how you’re writing them!?

In other things… are there other things? What else is going on? A friend of mine is coming over from England later this year for about two weeks, and I’m having fun planning out things to do with her. You know this is going to include Disney, and y’all know how much I love planning a Disney vacation and taking people to see things there. ** steeples fingers and laughs like evil scientist ** Her trip is also going to coincide with the Florida Fiber-In, so … well, I hope she doesn’t get tired of the road between Keystone Heights and Orlando. We’re going to be seeing a lot of it!

That’s about it for me this week. Tell me about yourselves! What are you up to? What’s bothering you? What’s making you smile? What are you working on?

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