Near? Far(scape)!

Sharon and Ginny and I finished Babylon 5 a few weeks ago, and literally days before the last episode, it’s like Amazon Prime heard our cries because they advertised that Farscape would be streaming soon. So we were slide right into another one of our favorite shows. We watch first thing in the morning (bless their hearts, so that I can watch before 8 AM because we have weird internet out here – I appreciate them sharing their morning time four days a week!) and Ginny tags us on Facebook, so if you’re ever up and want to follow along as we snark about a show we love, just check my personal page. Her posts should show up there and you can giggle along at us (if we’re Facebook friends; if not, you can’t see it, my personal profile is pretty locked down unless I’m talking about HaldeCraft stuff).

I generally watch on my tablet. I used to watch on the laptop but first thing in the morning is also the best time for me to blog and/or catch up on email, so I started watching on my tablet so I didn’t have to constantly switch tabs when something interesting was happening.

This morning I’m taking a few minutes to look over my new planner and the Quarter breakdown and project planning pages. Yes, Q3 doesn’t start for another six weeks or so, but it took me so long to start using this planner in the first place that I skipped over the Q1 and Q2 planning pages, figuring I’d already missed Q1 and if I took the time to do Q2 I’d never actually start.

So, yeah. I’m looking and thinking ahead. Not just in business but also in life, since as a self-employed artist who works at home, my life and work are generally pretty intertwined. Hmm. Is “cutting toxic people out of your life” a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound goal? Asking for a friend who had a weird run-in last week.

Yesterday was a packed day; getting weekend orders out (thanks, y’all!), getting to UPS and USPS, going to the grocery store (where I forgot a bunch of stuff, note to self, LISTS ARE GREAT so I’ll be going back to the store today, I’m afraid), prepping the studio for today’s work. Today I’ll be dyeing a few skeins of yarn and painting ceramics – I have some overdue Patreon ceramics I desperately need to finish! And if I have time I’ll wrap the soap I made Sunday. I also would love to stop working at about 3 (on HaldeCraft things) and switch gears to writing. I have a chapter due in in a little under two weeks and I’d like it to not feel as if I wrote the whole thing in two days. Oh! And next month will have a bonus chapter, as well, if you’re in that tier!

OK; that’s it for today. I am bound and determined to get a little treadmill time in before work today, so I’mma motor on outta here. Oh, hey! Game of Thrones? On a scale of The Sopranos (zero) to Six Feet Under (ten), I’d put it somewhere around the Lost series finale. Some questions answered but still a lot of WTF wondering about things that never got answered, but hey, life just be that way sometimes. But what was with that “we all look like the same guy” guy lineup at the end? Seriously I didn’t even recognize whats-his-name from Riverrun, Edmure “hashtag not all men but definitely this f*cking guy” Tully. And apparently one of the random dudes sitting there was Sweet Robin, from The Vale? Didn’t recognize him either. Puberty must have been very kind to him. Poor Sam, getting laughed off stage for inventing the democratic process. Oh, and I look forward to waiting for the Arya-as-Dread-Pirate-Roberts spin-off. Get on that, HBO.

“What do we say to Death HBO on Monday morning?”


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  1. Quinn

    I really try to avoid the GoT comments, but here’s 2. I think they left things unanswered so that they would be fresh for the books. I also think that Sam brought up democracy as that is how the Night’s Watch elects their leaders.

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