Have I mentioned there’s no Crafts & Drafts this month?

I mean, most of y’all have probably figured this out, since I haven’t posted anything about when it is, or who my guest artist is… but I thought I should mention something in case anyone was wondering why they hadn’t received an invitation.

At the end of the January Open House, Tim and I kind of looked at each other, and we were like “exhausted? Yep. Me too.” So it was immediately on the table that we might skip April. Then with all the craziness of February and March, I just never had time to start reaching out to other artists and figuring out who come come give a demo. I know, it’s not *necessary* that I have a demo by someone, but… I didn’t exactly have the energy to put an event together, even without a demo.

So, stay tuned for the next one! I’m not sure exactly when it will be… I have some travelling to do in early September and again in early October, so we’re looking at either late September or late October. Early November….? It might depend on who I can get as a guest artist and when they’re available… but again, stay tuned.

Thanks, y’all!

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