I guess I *have* been doing a little dog-walking

I just got done saying that I don’t walk the dogs any more, since moving out here to the country, but then it occurred to me that the last week or so I have been walking Max down to the mailbox and back a couple of times a day. When he’s not napping, that is.

The reason I don’t walk the girls is mostly because they like to go on long, 3+ mile long walks, and there are too many stray/feral/unleashed dogs out here for me to feel comfortable walking my girls up and down the road. At least once a week here we see what I am assuming are un-homed dogs running loose – especially on trash day – and I see their tracks in our driveway more often than that. If you’ve read the other dog-walking posts you know how I feel about coming across unleased, un-peopled dogs when my girls are on leashes, so… yeah. No more big walkies.

But I’ve been looking after Max, Cetty and Joe’s dog, during the day. Joe’s been in the hospital (he had surgery today and will probably need another couple of days recovery but everything is looking good) and Cetty has been spending most daytime hours with him there. That leaves Max alone, and for a dog who is used to living in an RV with two people right there all the time….? Being alone stresses him out. So he’s been hanging out with me here in the studio and I take him on a couple of small, driveway-length walks a day. Which of course the cats love to come along for!

And today was an example of why I don’t take my rambunctious girls out… as soon as Max and I cleared the workshop, I looked over and about 50 feet away were the two big dogs I see most often. One is a big Newfie type who reminds me of my old Bridgett (only, you know, unclaimed) and its friend, a brown lab type. They ran off as soon as they saw me looking at them, but I know if I’d had Corwin and Lindy on the leash either they would have pulled my arms off going off after the two, or would have attacked each other out of frustration from not being able to get to Those Other Dogs. Walking an old, deaf, cantankerous small dog is a lot easier. Er, unless I’m in a hurry. Max is by no means… swift.

But he does like to walk. And since yesterday when Cetty randomly happened to drive around the corner at the same time we were at the end of the driveway, he likes to walk even more. I guess he thinks if he waits there, she’ll come home. So he likes me to take him down there to look around a good three times a day, at least. Sigh. I’m just glad the stray dogs run away before he gets wind of them!


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