“To be blogged” brain dump

I should probably do this in my bullet journal – but this place is also an extension of my brain, and also some of you may want the ends of stories I’ve started to tell you but I’ve forgotten. So feel free to chime in! In no particular order, here’s a list of dropped topics I’ll be picking back up throughout February…

  • Finished knitting projects
  • The Question of the Week (any strong feelings about what day? Used to be Mondays….)
  • That time I had Shingles
  • That time I had Bronchitis
  • That trip Amy and I took in September and how I came home with almost a complete blacksmithing shop
  • Recap of 2017 kiln firings
  • Annual review of how 2017 was, work-wise
  • That time I got that friends/loved ones tattoo I’ve been talking about for years
  • How I’ve been getting back into comic books
  • How I’m considering a series of blog posts from the point of view of one of the Studio Boys, hahahahaha, kidding, sort of
  • Wait, what, we had December? Last I remember it was like, Halloween
  • That time we went to Disney for a week with Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe
  • The rest of that time Sharon and I drove to West Virginia for a friends wedding (seriously, how have I *not* finished writing that series of posts, I am a horrible friend, no wonder Sharon moved away!)

Yeah. So. I don’t have much to catch up on AT ALL. Seriously, who’s been managing this blog?! They’re fired.

Oh, wait.


Anyway! Ugh, y’all. I didn’t realize until I merged the blogs back together exactly how much I’d been stressing out about writing in two places. I’m so glad to have it back together again. Why did I DO THAT to myself?!

I still have a bunch of duplicate posts to delete (somehow Snarkland was super enthusiastic about importing and imported all of the blog posts twice, whoops) and some categories to clean up, but… things are looking up, y’all!

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