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OK; Project Blog Merge is going well…. while I was on the fence between importing HaldeBlog into Snarkland, or the other way around… after Blog Thunderdome this morning, Snarkland won just because HaldeBlog wouldn’t import correctly. So. Import of all HaldeBlog posts here on Snarkland is complete… I am still working on fixing the categories and doing some spring blog cleaning, but everything should be roughly in the right place.

Are you new here? If you’re only looking for HaldeCraft posts, those are here (although I recommend setting your RSS reader to this location, which will only ever be HaldeCraft work posts and not personal thoughts and ramblings).

Other than my one-person home-based craft business, I also talk a lot about knitting.

Long-time readers have a favorite category in Adventures in Dog-Walking, although since moving out to the country I don’t walk the dogs any more (it is sort of tempting to find a local park to walk them around once or twice a week, though, just to get some fodder for that category….).

I used to instigate conversation with a Question of the Week. Hmm. Should I bring that back? Or the Poll of the Week? Huh. Doing some spring cleaning around here has me looking at categories I haven’t had time for or even thought of in years.

Probably my most personal posts are in the Souvenirs category. Fair warning: these are the ones most likely to contain f-bombs.

And that’s it! Welcome home!


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