I made some new turtle-inside and frog-inside mugs, but had a problem with the frog-inside ones, so need to make more.

I threw some the other day, and Troublesome “helpfully” took a nap on them while they were still wet.

I also need to make some larger pet food bowls, a custom order that someone has already paid me for.

I threw some the day after I threw the mugs Trouble napped on… and … (wait for it) … he napped on the pet food bowls, too.

ONE of us isn’t learning, here.

I also need to start the Sharon Collection, but that’s in a different clay than the animal-inside mugs and the pet food bowls (which are from the same clay as each other).

I don’t like to work with two types of clay at the same time, because cross-contamination.

I also need to get the July mugs thrown, because I haven’t even started them yet and I’m supposed to list them in a little over two weeks, hahahaha. I don’t even have an idea for them yet, but I’d best hurry up and come up with one because I either need to throw them out of white clay with the animal-inside mugs and the pet food bowls, or with the Sharon Collection out of the chocolate clay.

I also want to add a bunch of stuff that I’d had pulled aside for craft shows, to my Etsy site. I hate to sound all, “I only use Etsy for crap stuff I don’t know what else to do with”, but, :: looks around :: whispers :: that’s kind of the truth. Etsy is good for both random stuff and quick sales, and I have a bunch of random stuff right now and I need some quick sales — although THANK THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER the first two weeks of June sales have already been better than the entire month of May.

Anyway, to add the stuff to Etsy, I need to take a bunch of photos and write a bunch of listings.

I also need to get Domestic June yarn club out this week.

I need to do all of these things, and similar to what I was saying yesterday about writing… when everything is important, nothing is important. Which of these things do I do first? They all need to be done RIGHT NOW.



So. I’m thinking… yarn club, and pet food bowls, because all of those things I have already taken someone’s money for, so that should be my first responsibility. If I’m doing pet food bowls, I should also do animal-inside mugs, because they’re the same type of clay. After that, full clean, and break out the chocolate clay. Warm up with a couple of slab-rolled pieces and think about what I’d like to throw for the July mug and do that in the chocolate clay, too (I have more of that right now than the white clay, anyway).

OK. I have a plan. Let’s do this, Monday! Er, Tuesday. What is today….?


  1. Lloyd

    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!
    Live the life you’ve imagined.
    As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.
    ~~Henry David Thoreau

    [I can sense a frown in the ether somewhere, but what the hell…] 🙂

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