Superhero black hole

So, back in August, when Tim and I went to Disney and hung out with Heath for a little while, we did what Heath and I always do… played the “what are you watching/reading?” game. He had some good things to say about the DC TV shows, of which I had only watched Constantine (because Hellblazer was one of my favorite comics). He really recommended Supergirl and Arrow, and even though I had been avoiding them out of doubt that a channel like the CW (teen hearthrob TV! everyone is young and beautiful!) could carry the weight the comics had. But, I trust Heath, so… I went ahead and set up the DVR to start recording them when the next season started.

It just so happened that soon after I did that, some channel had a reshowing of all of Arrow, so I taped that, too. And since Supergirl, The Flash, and Gotham were about to start new seasons, they were replaying the old… but unfortunately I didn’t catch all of them, just the last three or four episodes of the previous seasons. Which meant I’d have to catch the rest on Netflix… which meant carving out space in our precious Internet data cap. I decided to start with Arrow, since I’d seen a couple of episodes of Gotham and mostly just thought “what the everloving fuck” and wasn’t sure I was ready to start with one that over the top. Plus, with them taped on the DVR, I could watch them without using the Internet. But then, the brought in The Flash, and I knew I’d have to catch up on that. How’s the best way to do that without bingeing and using all of our Internet data? Limiting myself to two episodes a week on Netflix… which meant it was going to take for-freaking-ever to catch up. Ugh.

So, I just took this lecture series, and in order to space out of that same Internet data cap, I started getting up at 6 AM to watch the lectures. Sure, it meant I had to watch some of them twice because fuck that 6 AM shit, but it worked. The data used to watch all the videos was between 2 and 8 AM, so it was what HughesNet considers the 50 gigs of “bonus” hours and doesn’t come out of our “regular” 50 gigs.

Now that I’m done with the lectures (and more thoughts on those as they percolate through my brain) I decided… I’m still getting up at about 6 AM, but now I’m watching an episode or two of a superhero show, waking up, knitting, having coffee, and catching up on these series (serieses? Serisi? SHOWS). I’ve caught up now on Netflix to where my DVR started recording on both The Flash and League of Superheroes, and I’m about five episodes into Supergirl. I’m saving Gotham for last.

My thoughts so far….? Quick – one sentence each! Arrow: not as bad as I feared; a little dark and broody but Felicity is my home girl. The Flash: lighter and a bit sillier, and thank goodness for Cisco. Legends of Tomorrow: a little rocky at first but I’m loving what they’re doing with Sara Lance. Supergirl: Holy hell, I’m sorry I didn’t start watching this when it started, and I’m really enjoying Calista Flockhart (I never saw whatever courtroom drama show she was in that got so famous).

I still haven’t started the most recent seasons of any of them – I understand there was a 4-way crossover last season, so I’m getting caught up on all the previous seasons of all of them before getting into the most recent season that started in October or whenever. I should be caught up on Supergirl within the next 3 or 4 days, then can start in on all the current seasons.

So, that’s me recently. Fallen into a black hole of Superhero TV shows, sorting and scanning old family photos, and also working a lot! And thinking about work. That lecture series really filled my brain. It’s almost too much to write about, still, the words are just thought bubbles still. More percolating to do, then I’ll verbally boil over!

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