2016 Kiln Firing Roundup

Y’all! I had 41 kiln firings in 2016! Only, like, two of them had stuff blow up in them, too (maybe three, I forget, I’ve blocked it out)! Here’s every one of them, in all their colorful glory…

January – Two firings; one a glaze run, restocks and color tiles, and one a bisque firing.

February – Three firings, two glaze runs and one decal firing.

March – A whopping six firings in March! Mostly because I started getting back on the wheel after my hand was fully recovered. There were two bisque firings and four glaze ones.

April – Only two firings, one of which, the bisque firing, had a good-sized explosion. Sigh.

May – Two firings in May as well, one bisque and one glaze firing.

June – Four firings in June; two bisque and two glaze.

July – Three firings in July; one bisque and two glaze firings.

August – Three firings in August, one bisque and two glaze firings.

September – Four firings in September, leading up towards the Florida Fiber-In, with one bisque run, two glaze, and one decal firing.

October – Only one firing in October, a lone glaze firing. Although technically it was four firings, because the jumbo mugs in the photo for October were really fired in the little kiln I’d just bought… I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to show all the little kiln pictures.

November – November was sort of the same; my official count is five (two bisque, one glaze, and two color test tile firings), but I really fired some of those glaze pieces in the smaller kiln.

December – In December I decided to go ahead and make the tiny kiln firings their own photos, and that means my count for December was six! Two glaze firings in the — oh! Oh no, I just realized I left a photo out. It was really a total count of seven — three glaze firings in the large kiln (I’ll use the forgotten photo as the featured image for this blog post), three glaze firings in the small kiln, and a disastrous bisque firing in the large kiln in which two of four shelves worth of goods exploded.

Overall it was a good year of firings, even though all I tend to remember and focus on are the explosions or the things that didn’t come out quite the way I wanted. Overall, truly, I’m happy with them. I’m making new things, and testing new colors, and learning new techniques, so things are good. I hope 2017 brings more of the same!


    • haldecraft

      It is pretty cool, isn’t it? I love looking through the year as a whole, like this. I get all, “I don’t remember THAT firing!” and “Oh, lord, I remember THAT firing.” Heh. And I see that I made a whole lot of butter dishes and deviled egg plates. Who knew those things would be so popular?!

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