You had ONE JOB

HAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHA! AHAHAHAHAsob! The one lone plate survivor from the other day’s kiln explosion, the plate I was going to give as a Christmas gift even though four people would have been left out from my original list of five, the one that was one of four things I was going to fire in the small kiln because so much bisque exploded that I don’t have enough to fill the big kiln…. doesn’t fit in the small kiln. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ::cries::

I just can’t even, y’all. I have to laugh. Otherwise I would cry from now through Sunday.


    • F**K YEAH IT SHOULD. I’m so over this year. If I could just go to sleep in an hour and wake up on January 1st…? Yeah, I’d miss Christmas, but I think the payoff of 2016 being shown the GD door would be worth it.

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