Let them eat cake

I think a birthday is a fine excuse for cake for lunch, am I right?! But if I want a vegan cake in this town, Imma have to make that shit myself, so, looks like I’m going to the grocery store before lunchtime. Stupid egg allergies!

Tim asked me the night before last if I wanted to go into town for a birthday dinner tonight… then had me text Sharon and Jenn to see if either of them were available… and when it got to the point where I was like, “and then I’ll drive myself into town? And not drink anything at dinner so I can drive myself home? That sounds fun. I’ll pass.” (He’d already be in town from spending the day at work, you see.) I’d already told Aunt Gay, who shares the same birthday, that I wasn’t going to have time for a family dinner tonight anyway… a couple of days of hurricane prep and getting through it means that I’m about two and a half days behind where I wanted to be for getting ready for the open house, so cutting my work day short (even on my birthday) just isn’t really in the cards this week. Especially because (a) I’m taking a class on Friday night, so have to cut Friday short and (b) may need to go into town to switch out my phone AGAIN some time this week.

(As an aside, there’s no need to post news about the recalls on the switched-out Note 7 phones on my Facebook wall, I’m well aware, but thank you!)

Oooooooooooookay, so that’s really it, this morning. There’s a bag of donuts in the kitchen and I can hear them calling my name for breakfast (not to mention another cup of coffee). Birthday breakfast of champions!

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